411Mania's Top 20 Games of the Year

The year 2007 is just about over, but what are the top 20 games to be released in this calendar year? 411's Derek Robbins tells you what he thinks they are in this week's 10th hour.

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IQUITN4G3835d ago

I personally found Portal to be nothing extraordinary but then i guess that puts me in the minority.

Bio was a big disapointment to me as it can't match the opening few hours of brilliance.

Still can't stop playing Halo3 even though i was initially disapointed with the first playthrough - gets better the more times you play it.

I so want to play Galaxy but no Wii until next year.It also concerns me that there are many of the moves missing from SM64's list that made mucking about such a hoot.Played a bit of Galaxy and i feel stripped not having these.

BigPappaPump3835d ago

I stopped reading when he made that comment. I wonder what he smoke while typing that rubbish.

wiizy3835d ago

glad they put the right game at number 1.. mario galaxy is amazing....the best mario game even better then my old favorite super mario bros 3.

picker3323835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Wasn't Portal one of the 5worst games?
Or was that the game nerds review?
Correct me if i'm wrong.
& nix you are a dumb [email protected]!
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