A third of PS3 owners 'seriously considering' Vita purchase - survey

CVG: Research from video game price comparison website has found that 32 percent of 1,321 PS3 owners polled are "seriously considering" buying a PlayStation Vita.

Of these, half previously or currently own a PSP, and 22 percent plan to pick up a Vita "within one week of its UK launch" at midnight this evening.

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THC CELL2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

yawn.. survey's are not reliable

MasterCornholio2127d ago

True. Gamespot did a survey with 3DS owners and only 11% of them want to buy a vita.


JoeReno2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

True, and when they only polled 1300 people it really raises an eyebrow.

Master, was that a joke poll about 3DS owners? Because it was funny if that's how you meant it to be.

bubwright2127d ago

i hope a 3rd of ps3 owners do buy the vita

TopDudeMan2127d ago

Why? Do you get money if they do?

Rainstorm812127d ago

The more people that buy it the more dev support it will get

sikbeta2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Maybe because he knows the Vita is not doing well and he wants to succeed, as you see, surveys are not reliable, and only "32% want to get a Vita", so you can expect less than that many people to actually but the system...

TopDudeMan2127d ago

Ah, fair point, Raiinstorm81.

Sevir2127d ago

Can you hold your breath till its launched worldwide tonight!? I'm confused as to how a handheld is a commercial flop when it hasn't launched worldwide and even more confused as to how 32% of 1130+ people being polled signifies that the a worrying trend!

No one knows Sony's terms for success, but I'm sure it It's 3 months into the launch! Product like this are looked at over the long term and I think they'll declare it a failure if it doesn't sell well for 36 months.

In anycase I wasn't surveyed and I'll be in line tonight to pick up my 3G vita, uncharted and Modnation, Gravity Daze and escape plan and an 16 gig memo card. You can worry about sales I'll be playing the best in handheld gaming! And its not the 3DS

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-2127d ago

me too :-)

Resistance is coming in May so I'm buying Vita around May

gtxgamer22127d ago

im getting aswell! :D TOMMOROW!!

ninjakiwii2127d ago

Why only a 3rd, I'm hoping more than that buy it the more the better

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Fishy Fingers2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

1300 gaming website users isn't really a useful survey. I'd wager a third of PS3 owners wouldn't even know what a Vita is.

Heartnet2127d ago

but the other 2 thirds do and then 1third of them will buy one :P

Ocean2127d ago

Hoping to purchase one in a few months....bills come first unfortunately

mcstorm2127d ago

I am doing the same as you. I was not looking to get one until this weekend when I had a play on one in HMV and I was very impressed with it and there are a few games I now want to get for it so within the next 3 months I will pick up a PSV as I have bills to play 1st and also quite alot of games to get through too.

Inception2127d ago

Well my budget are really tight so right now i'm still focus my money for PS3 games (Graces F, NG 3, One Piece Warrior, Journey, and back-catalog like Demon's Souls will be my purchase in the next few months). But soon after my wallet have taken some breath, vita will be my next purchased along with UC:GA, Gravity Daze, Dragon's Crown, P4: Golden, and more ^^

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