The PS2 games we need on PSN now

As a clutch of PS2 games landed on PSN last week we lost ourselves in misty eyed reminisces about the good times we had with our old boxy friend. But because we’re never satisfied with anything that we’ve been given we’ve decided to whip up a list of PS2 games we’d like to see given the full treatment and brought over to the PS3. Obviously we’re skipping anything that’s already had or is having a HD makeover (sorry Snake) but there’s still a wealth of talent in them there vaults.

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Thatguy-3102491d ago

The kingdom hearts series!!!!! War of monsters, san andreas, and the list just goes on !!!! It's crazy how more games back then were more memorable.

Der_Kommandant2491d ago

We need a new Manhunt with no stupid censorship

easternbalboa2491d ago

we need all the rare shmups on psn

Simco8762491d ago

My vote is Final Fantasy X, I would drop a cool 15.99

Megaman_nerd2491d ago

the HD re-release of FFX is coming out soon anyway.

Jason1432491d ago

Monster Hunter Dos. Ya I agree with first poster, the games back then were more memorable. I thought xbox was just lagging behind and sony had a few gems but its true. The games were better back then. Everybody seems more into look at this new tech rather then look at this story and game play.

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The story is too old to be commented.