'Alan Wake': Half of all players finished the story

Alan Wake saw a high completion rate, according to developer Remedy Entertainment.

Head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen said that over half of all players finished the game's story on Xbox 360.

"The DLC [episodes] actually had a fantastic attach rate to them. What we saw on the Xbox Live statistics, we were getting that the story for Alan Wake was liked so much over 50% of all gamers that played Alan Wake played it to the end," he revealed.

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Toman852492d ago

Like the other half didnt have the time to finish it. I had around 40 games which was not played at all and 4 machines this gen. I only need to complete DLC 2 of Alan on X360 then im done.

But I think not that will happend because I do have Steam version also with better gfx and I can use my X360 controller there :)

PetitPiPi2492d ago

IMO the game was truly awesome. Played it three times.

ginsunuva2492d ago

The audience who buys a game like alan wake would seem like that niche market who WOULD DEFINITELY finish it.

People complain about price of games yet they done even make use of it.