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Submitted by Fighter 2900d ago | news

Paramount's Switch Failed To Turn Market

Scott Hettrick of hollywoodinhidef blogs about a recent report from a Research/analyst firm, Understanding & Solutions, about Paramounts role in the hi-def movie wars and their failure to turn the market in favor of HD DVD.

Research/analyst firm Understanding & Solutions has issued a report today saying that Paramount's switch to go exclusive HD DVD has failed to turn the market in favor of that format and that Blu-ray continues to dominate the market with stronger studio support and sales volumes.
If they can't get it done with the cheapest players and three of the biggest movies of the year in "Transformers" and "Shrek the Third" from Paramount/DreamWorks and "Bourne Ultimatum from Universal," that doesn't leave them many options.

I wonder how Microsoft/Toshiba are feeling about that $150 million investment, especially since Toshiba's earnings have taken such a hit. (Tech)

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gamesR4fun  +   2900d ago
lol 150 millions meets dumb and dumber
Dont know who to pity more toshiba who might go tits up over this hd dvd thing or Paramount who sold out. I mean how many paramount movie buyers have b/r vs hd/dvd... Even if it was 70-30 in hd dvd's favor I dont think they did the right thing by their customers...

edit: look fanbots personally idk
b/r hd/dvd its all the same to me sure i got a ps3 but even if b/r looses its not like sony's gonna stop making b/r games... Besides I got a 360 too not much for the hd dvd add on if we needed it. What i hate is when a company like paramount stabs its customers in the bakc by taking a bribe not to publish their movies in b/r...
Same goes for a lot of other big companies review sites in particular who are obviously willing to do anything for a quick buck. Clients be damned look at how many sites put out stellar reviews for ME without even so much has a mention of all the issues in the game... Nope if you want my respect and my dough youd better at least look like your treating us decent...
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shrimpboat  +   2900d ago
Paramount is the Jackas of 2007
athlon770  +   2900d ago
nicely stated gamesr4fun
nicely stated indeed. I like both my PS3 and 360, and like you said, IF hd-dvd happens to pull out and become the victor (very unlikely) I can just get the add on and watch the movies that way.
Lord Anubis  +   2900d ago
poor them, now they are 150m less which could've been use to buy something else.
Jinxstar  +   2900d ago
Or they could have given it to me.... Oh well maybe next time they wanna throw money at a useless cause I will be on top of the list... Ima send them an email now requesting my current position for their money wasting venture.

Edit: Sure dude we can split it 2 ways... They said they would get back to me... punks.... I think I am a noble enough cause...
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Phantom_Lee  +   2900d ago
....put my name on that email too......
genix13  +   2900d ago
bubbles to jinxstar
Darkiewonder  +   2900d ago
They should have spent the money buying out game companies
That would have been so much better ;(
xsteinbachx  +   2900d ago
would you really want them owning a game company... think about it.
Fan Tastic  +   2900d ago
$150 million for an additional 18 months of life.
It will be good for consumers once HD DVD lite dies.
ActionBastard  +   2900d ago
I'm shocked.
IntelligentAj  +   2900d ago
I thought those movies would have sold more but one studio isn't going to turn the tide in this war.
jonboi24  +   2900d ago
wow really paramount, like you couldn't see this coming the day you took that $150 million for those 18 painful months in hd-hell? tsk tsk shame on you, i bet all the people at paramount are red after seeing how much of a huge failure this was. maybe after those painful months in hd-hell you can step outside and look at the blu sky and appreciate the fact you can still turn blu.
millerlite  +   2900d ago
I think it was smart on Paramount's part
They get a boat load of cash, get to sell their movies in one format for a while, then reup with Blu-Ray in 18 months to sell those same movies again.

The losers here are Toshiba and Microsoft. Nice try guys, but HD-DVD is going down. They even lost the porn wars to BD.
sanjay09  +   2900d ago
Blue Ray
I think Warner Bro should just go Blue and end the silly format war :)
go0se  +   2900d ago
HD dvd is officially a thing of the past. I don't feel sorry for them one bit. Paramount deserves this for selling out to M$. I mean come on....only an idiot who owns a 360 would buy an EXTERNAL hd dvd drive with no outer display, especially one for $200. LMFAO, nice try M$.
Bull5hifT  +   2900d ago
the movies i want in blu- ray are
The Matrix Series
and sin city
and scarface
Nagthragarthoth  +   2900d ago
Bye Bye HD DVD
Bye bye 150 mill.

What a bunch of suckers.. I seriously don't think that Paramount felt they could turn the tide with three movies.... Stack those against the Pirates Trilogy plus the Spidey Trilogy and it makes one wonder what the hell kind of retards are running these companies.
Zinger  +   2900d ago
Also, They both get the Harry Potter Series, which has just recently come out and been updated on both formats. Those HD movies are going to kill in sales. hmmm i wonder who is going to win that battle. Good job Sony. They really knew what they were doing by adding Blu-Ray to PS3. Like someone mentioned before, even if Blu-Ray movies would have failed, they still would be making Blu-Ray games for PS3. Also, since they are a superior tech to HD-DVD, they will easily win out in the computer industry anyways as it will be the preferred medium since they basically have the ability to hold more information. They will be coming out with a 100G disc soon and it still has the potential to make it to 200G discs. What does HD DVD max out on 60G?

It should be a no brainer who the winner will be in the long run. It's to bad MS pushed their system out so fast they couldnt include HD-DVD's internally. As the gaming and movie industry keeps moving along and requiring higher capacity discs, Blu-Ray will only need one disc, where those with HD-DVD will need multiple discs.

360 will be left short in the future with games that require more disc space (GTA). They will need multiple discs where it will only need to come on one disc for PS3 (Blu-Ray)

Sorry MS, you had your chance with Next Gen and missed the boat. Instead of delivering something for the long term, they decide to get a year start and go for the short term (money). Original XBox is no longer a supported system. 360 will be going that route as well. Look for xbox360.5 with Blu-Ray drives in the future.
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Bull5hifT  +   2900d ago
i just watched the matrix reloaded , and it was effin' awesome
better than hd' they should make it 3D like at the imax theater when
i went to see it
jonboi24  +   2900d ago
matrix for imax would be crazy.
gamesblow  +   2900d ago
Basically the blu-ray camp made a whole lotta eggs and then thru them on Paramount and main HD-dvd backer Toshiba's FACES!!

I only buy Blu-ray now. That's the way it's always going to be too... well, until something better comes along for us.
Fototherapist  +   2899d ago
I have to confess...
I bought The Bourne Ultimatum on HD DVD for the simple fact that I wanted it in HD. Normally, I buy only blu-ray. I also bought At World's End on blu-ray. Fantastic.
eagle21  +   2900d ago
Consumers are too smart these days...
Once entry level Blu-ray players hit: FINAL BLOW. Around 9 million PS3's by January all FULL HD 1080P, hdmi 1.3. It's over. Nobody can change it.
aiphanes  +   2900d ago
9m Ps3 units that are HDMI 1.3a...1080p 24fps, and Profile 1.1 and
We all know the PS3 will be able to go to Profile 2.0...and that 9 million people who have the potential to buy a bluray movie...that is a lot of only sold 300k of HD-DVD addons....and Toshiba only sold like 600k maybe 800k standalone HD-DVD players and not all of them are 1080p and HDMI not tell me people do not want 1080p because they do...and you can get a sony 60 inch 1080p rear projection LCD with 24fps support and HDMI 1.3a for around $1700....and 1080p tvs will drop in price at least 20 percent by end of 2008...

And they will sell another 9 million PS3s in 2008....its all over..
weezeru2  +   2900d ago
Soon enough...
I wonder what will happen when Indiana Jones wants to come to Hi-Def but since Paramount backs the movie but Steven Spielberg directs and produces... I wonder what will happen? After Paramounts contract with HD-DVD is up they will start throwing all their movies out on Blu-Ray. It will happen.
gamesblow  +   2900d ago
Speilberg is a huge backer of blu-ray, as is Lucas... He's said none of his movies will hit HD-dvd anytime soon. So, that means that until the contract is over and he can move them to Blu-ray legally.
ITR  +   2900d ago
GL would never release just on one format. If anything he'll wait for the format war to end or force a two format sale. Toyboy Lucas is like WB..they want it all and I don't blame them.
IntelligentAj  +   2900d ago
Hell!!I want Equilibrium in HD
ITR  +   2900d ago
You can on HD DVD as an import from Japan.
Bale is freakin awesome in that movie.
Fototherapist  +   2899d ago
that movie was such a Matrix rip-off. Christian Bale is the man, though. Can't wait for The Dark Knight.
Bull5hifT  +   2900d ago
yes it was unbelievable, i nearly jizzed my pants from all the action it the mansion stairs fight and going to the amazing freeway part,

it makes you feel WOW!!!!!!!

the part where trinity jumps out of the building , with secret floor...looks awesome in 3D

the fight with NEO and the infinity smiths.......was O.K., i hate the talking ......i understand it

but it feels like work, trying to act intrested in it
DJ  +   2900d ago
Paramount has probably already missed out on $150 million in Blu-ray sales
And it's not even 2008 yet (the last 12 months of their exclusive deal). Looks like they got ripped off big time. Too bad Microsoft's check didn't really do much.
freediro  +   2900d ago
@ gamesblow
your so very true! Paramount cant get either Spielberg nor Coppola to release their films because they wont let them unless they release it on Blu-Ray and since Paramount isnt Blu-Ray well they are screwed. Then there is Lucas and Peter Jackson waiting for the format war to have a clear winner before they tell their studios they can release their movie on whatever format.

WB needs to go full support for Blu-Ray then Universal needs to go neutral and then Paramount will be the sole lone supporter of HD-DVD, sales will soon reflect poorly for HD-DVD then Lucas and Jackson will let their movies come to Blu-Ray then people will really want Blu-Ray, then the format war will be over!
blackmagic  +   2900d ago
Peter Jackson's King Kong was released on HD DVD last November, it was bundled with many HD DVD players and is still bundled with the HD DVD Add-on. Jackson has also released The frighteners on HD DVD. I would say he is a strong supporter of HD DVD. I think the question, if one is to be asked, is will he let New Line publish Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray.

Lucas is completely non-comittal on either format:

The Good Sheppard and Sleepy Hollow were released on HD DVD which were produced by Coppola and Lost in Translation was released on HD DVD which was directed be Sofia Coppola (daughter) and produced by Coppola.

Speilberg is the only one you mentioned that is pro Blu-ray.
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Snukadaman  +   2899d ago
LOL read the answers he gives....
reading some of those answers he comes off like such a pompous ass...talking about not being into video games but only caring about the enormous profits...
harv052  +   2900d ago
Not a lot of HD-DVD followers replying to this thread it seems...
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jonboi24  +   2900d ago
true they must be real sad now that their only hope failed when paramount couldn't save hd-dvd. i mean seriously what can save them?
ITR  +   2900d ago
Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Indiana Jones trilogy/Star Trek Ultimate movie collection.
Get those 4 and make them exclusive to a format and you've got your self a winner with all the fans out there.
Too bad no-one knows which will go where. SW is in limbo because of the format war.
LR and Indiana seem to be on standby for HD or BD and the same for ST collection.
aco  +   2900d ago
I hope blue ray win .. Not because I am big fan of HD movies... becasue I have seen more Blue Ray movies comming on the market than HD-DVD.... And I have PS3 so I also have Blue Ray... The only movie that I wanted From Paramount was Transformer.. And I think we will se it on Ble Ray next year when the exclusive HD DVD end....
chfthnder26  +   2900d ago
i hope you know that the deal was for 18 months which started in aug. so the earliest you blu ray fans can get those paramount and dreamworks movies is early 2009
athlon770  +   2900d ago
well, you have that plus there is a report that there is a clause letting the studio out if Blu-Ray sales get above 80% of market. So if that is true, we could be watching the few hd-dvd movies we want on blu-ray a lot sooner than you think.
Shaka2K6  +   2900d ago
Everything related to h-dud will always fail.
Its a proven fact.

Paramount cant wait to go back where the money is at.
The Blu side.
Snukadaman  +   2900d ago
Dont you ps3 fanboys complain about fanboy blogs???
Im all for fairness in reporting news but this is ridiculous..dudes just a glorified bluray fanboy...give me a break.
Fighter  +   2900d ago
Seems you didn't read the article
He's blogging about the research a group did on HD DVD failure to capture the market when they bought Paramounts support.
lodossrage  +   2900d ago
You xbox fanboys complain about blogs too
So don't try to make it seem one-sided.

And secondly, you might have missed the point of the article itself
Tryst  +   2900d ago
Absolutely not. This is a middle of the road article and is giving his opinion on WHAT IS EXACTLY HAPPENING in the HD world.

Unlike sites like 1UP which blatantly sit on the 360 side of the fence. That preview they done of GT5 Prologue is one of the biggest XBot reports I have ever read. It makes you sick to the bone that gaming sites let Fanboy writers cover games they have no intention of playing (or liking for that matter).
Snukadaman  +   2899d ago
you kidding cheech..i did read the you think i came up with the idea of him being a bluray-fanboy? go too the website and it says "built by blu-ray by blu-ray supporters".nahh no reason too call him a bluray fanboy right....Im talking about when a article is from a blog that points too a negative light every ps3 fanboy comes on and spouts his opinions on how its just a fanboy all of a sudden its ok too use them..thats called hypocrisy....I dont care for this guys opinion im just pointing out the fact that some of you complain of blogs yet when its positive for ps3 then its all right to use them.

DO YOU READ@BOTTOM...IM TALKING ABOUT WHERE ITS COMING FROM AND HOW PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT INFO FROM FANBOY BLOGS....REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS BEING TYPED... 3 of you think im disputing the info funny how im asked if i read the post when its only obvious you didnt read mines.. talk about mindless....
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TheTwelve  +   2899d ago
Read the article
This blogger is posting about an INDEPENDENT research finding. This finding was not sponsored nor paid for by anybody in the Blu-Ray camp.

gamesR4fun  +   2900d ago
the real question is
did they really do anything with this bribe? Personally I dont think the Paramount lineup was enough to have a big impact...
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miked808  +   2900d ago
HD DVD will be around for a long time. I've been hearing for over a year how HD DVD is dead but I still seem to find new movies to buy. I think I'll pick up that Bourne Trilogy tomorrow.
chfthnder26  +   2900d ago
i hear you man i just bought the kingdom and it is bad a** in hd
ITR  +   2900d ago
I bought Bourne 3 and new Harry movie.
Stardust and bladerunner is my next purchase.
TheTwelve  +   2899d ago
HDdvd is dead right after Christmas
Enjoy your investment in HD-DVD while it lasts.----12
Ri0tSquad  +   2900d ago
Lol now go Blu-Ray exclusive.
End this war already.
killer_trap  +   2900d ago
just checking, pirates of the caribbean is on blueray isn't it?
resistance100  +   2900d ago
Yep blu-ray exclusive as its made by disney
killer_trap  +   2900d ago
thats all i care about.......jack sparrow the greatest character ever by one of the uhhh....weirdest actors ever.

bubbles man(like you need any!!!!!).
aceman7  +   2900d ago
I just want...
The format war to end.
Bolts  +   2900d ago
Console war = good for gamers
Format war = A total waste of time and money for everyone.

Bluray need to the hurry the hell up and drive the nail in the coffin. I own both format and have since stopped buying anything HDDVD. I want this war to be history as soon as possible. HDDVD is doomed, there's no point in draging it out.
N4Flamers  +   2900d ago
I feel you
as soon as this war is over prices can come down, like I need to pay 30 dollars for a movie. Damn did you see the simpsons on blueray the lines were so clear, and the yellows oh my god. There just arent that many movies that deserve to be High def. With that said I do love the simpsons. I struggle against the logic of seeing Will Ferrel any clearer. So when the war is over I can buy the few movies that deserve my full viewing experience at a reasonable price.
MK_Red  +   2900d ago
Paramount may have failed to turn the market but it succeded in preventing Blu from winning and made this stupid war last longer.
MaximusPrime  +   2900d ago
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