Paramount's Switch Failed To Turn Market

Scott Hettrick of hollywoodinhidef blogs about a recent report from a Research/analyst firm, Understanding & Solutions, about Paramounts role in the hi-def movie wars and their failure to turn the market in favor of HD DVD.

Research/analyst firm Understanding & Solutions has issued a report today saying that Paramount's switch to go exclusive HD DVD has failed to turn the market in favor of that format and that Blu-ray continues to dominate the market with stronger studio support and sales volumes.
If they can't get it done with the cheapest players and three of the biggest movies of the year in "Transformers" and "Shrek the Third" from Paramount/DreamWorks and "Bourne Ultimatum from Universal," that doesn't leave them many options.

I wonder how Microsoft/Toshiba are feeling about that $150 million investment, especially since Toshiba's earnings have taken such a hit.

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gamesR4fun3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Dont know who to pity more toshiba who might go tits up over this hd dvd thing or Paramount who sold out. I mean how many paramount movie buyers have b/r vs hd/dvd... Even if it was 70-30 in hd dvd's favor I dont think they did the right thing by their customers...

edit: look fanbots personally idk
b/r hd/dvd its all the same to me sure i got a ps3 but even if b/r looses its not like sony's gonna stop making b/r games... Besides I got a 360 too not much for the hd dvd add on if we needed it. What i hate is when a company like paramount stabs its customers in the bakc by taking a bribe not to publish their movies in b/r...
Same goes for a lot of other big companies review sites in particular who are obviously willing to do anything for a quick buck. Clients be damned look at how many sites put out stellar reviews for ME without even so much has a mention of all the issues in the game... Nope if you want my respect and my dough youd better at least look like your treating us decent...

shrimpboat3808d ago

Paramount is the Jackas of 2007

athlon7703808d ago

nicely stated indeed. I like both my PS3 and 360, and like you said, IF hd-dvd happens to pull out and become the victor (very unlikely) I can just get the add on and watch the movies that way.

Lord Anubis3808d ago

poor them, now they are 150m less which could've been use to buy something else.

Jinxstar3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Or they could have given it to me.... Oh well maybe next time they wanna throw money at a useless cause I will be on top of the list... Ima send them an email now requesting my current position for their money wasting venture.

Edit: Sure dude we can split it 2 ways... They said they would get back to me... punks.... I think I am a noble enough cause...

Phantom_Lee3808d ago

....put my name on that email too......

Darkiewonder3808d ago

That would have been so much better ;(

xsteinbachx3808d ago

would you really want them owning a game company... think about it.

Fan Tastic3808d ago

It will be good for consumers once HD DVD lite dies.