Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution – {Play Vault} Review

Play Vault's Elliot: "In 2010 Robot Unicorn Attack orbited the planet filling the atmosphere with its lunatic radiance like a camp satellite made of double-rainbows, glitter and Elton John’s sunglasses. It had everything. It had sparkles. It had pink squeaky dolphins. It had a razor edge line between life and death at hundreds of miles per hour. It had two buttons. It is unquestionably the greatest game to have ever featured a robotic unicorn. After a few simple re-skins (Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal and Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas), Adult Swim Games have given Robot Unicorn Attack a well-deserved sequel."

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shug852367d ago

I think the real stry is how much those 'clones' he mentions rip-off Canabalt, the trailer for the Must Run one just looks like canabalt with bettr graphics. This is great writing, all reviews should hav humor.