This Is The First Thing To Do When You Get Your PS Vita

TSA explains the reset/firmware bug.

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MasterCornholio2283d ago

The first thing that I will do is gawk at the screen.


Ser2283d ago

Thanks for the heads up. This should save me 30 minutes of headache tomorrow.

farhad2k82283d ago

ikr, thank god I heard about it earlier!

Pixel_Enemy2283d ago

It was confusing for me for about 2 minutes. Then I figured it out on my own. No big deal

OmegaSaiyanX2283d ago

Good for them to point that out as mine is arriving tomorrow :-D

DaPrintz2283d ago

First Edition bundles were out last week. Nothing about this was reported. Is it even an issue now?

Burning_Finger2283d ago

Put you junk in the box. :D jk

Play Uncharted of course lol.

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