Unlock or Delete: Binary Domain Demo

TQ: Binary Domain is one of the games that I’ve been waiting for since I played it last year at E3. The demo came out last Tuesday, but it might have been overshadowed by a little game called Mass Effect 3. Binary Domain is a third-person tactical shooter where the setting mostly takes place in a futuristic Japan, overrun by intelligent robots. The story appears to be a combination of Will Smith’s iRobot and Terminator in my opinion. The game has such great potential, but the only problem is that Sega didn’t appear to show off the same or similar content that I played back at E3 in this demo. With a game that hasn’t received much hype, let’s find out if we should Unlock or Delete it.

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morganfell2490d ago

Here is my issue with the game. The press release said it had a branching campaign. Friends in Japan have been through the game twice and in one case three times and they can't find a branch anywhere.