Ignorant parents angry at GameStop over Wii rain checks

Uninformed parents looking for Wiis this holiday season are angry at GameStop today after leaving empty-handed when trying purchase a Wii reservation certificate.

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UltramanJ3648d ago

One day only? So instead of a mad rush in January to buy one of twenty Wii's, it's a mad rush to buy one of twenty rainchecks. Good job Nintendo and Gamestop! Your "raincheck" (more like pre-order) program is a joke.

KeiZka3648d ago

Better than nothing, eh?

clevernickname3648d ago

I agree. I don't see what this does for either Nintendo or Gamestop. I suppose that instead of turning customers away week after week in January for lack of Wii consoles they can simply call the customer as the rain check Wiis ("pre-orders", really) arrive.

Since Nintendo does not want to spend the money and accept the attendant financial risks of opening any more manufacturing plants, they are creating this situation to a large degree.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3648d ago

If they had bought a PS3 there would be no stock problems nor bricking problems!

wiizy3648d ago

no one buying a system right now care about ps3 man... nintendo just need to educate them a little more.

PS360WII3648d ago

Well I'm sure those parents in their infinite wisdom 'promised' their kids a Wii for Christmas. Why they make promises and then try to buy something late in December is beyond me and they should only be frustrated with themselves honestly

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The story is too old to be commented.