TLR: Soul Calibur V Custom Character Showcase

TLR Writes "See the amazing choices. Most will surprise, others will rekindle your childhood."

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Stephen55432125d ago

As far as character creation goes, these are very well far as a video showcasing them goes, not at all. I may just be picky, but the songs were placed in very poor positions in the video. Just felt choppy to me.

Tanir2125d ago

yeeeah presentation was horrid. good creations tho.

although i like to make original characters alot more

bacrec12124d ago

Yeah, try to take tons of characters from several different worlds and blend it together smoothly. Its a very difficult thing to do. I appreciate the second comment but damn son!

Stephen55432124d ago

It is meant as a compliment. I only brought up the video thing so that you can take note of that if you do things in the future with video editing. If you would like me to go into detail of what you could do with the sound in the video to make it better, just shoot me a personal message.

Atx4uson2119d ago

This is sick not gonna lie !