Sorcery Rated By The ESRB, Fantasy Violence and Dissolving Men Described

Often hailed as the PlayStation Move’s last chance at being relevant, Sorcery is set to finally come out this spring. As the game draws closer to release, the ESRB have rated the title and revealed new information in the review summary. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2490d ago

And to think, the original showing made it look like a Harry Potter rip-off.

Kurisu2490d ago

I might buy this, I might not. It looks like such an improvement over the original concept but I kind of dont care about Move anymore.

smashcrashbash2490d ago

That has nothing to do with the conversation. If you are not interested then don't comment.

Kurisu2490d ago

I didn't say I wasn't interested. The game looks good, I was just stating that my interest in Move as a whole isn't as high as it once was.

IM_KINECTED2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Now this is the game I bought a Move for, hopefully it lives up to my expectations. Although I liked using the Move for games like MAG and Killzone 3, I really wanted a Move only experience to help justify my purchase.

Hopefully Sorcery can be that great Move only title that Sony has been lacking thus far.

Abdou232490d ago

This is going to be compared with Fable:The Journey.

nondecaf2490d ago

That game is not even out yet.

Skate-AK2490d ago

How's that? Because they both have magic? One appears to be on rails and in 1st person and the other is 3rd person. It's like compairing Uncharted to House of Dead just because you shoot people in both.

Abdou232490d ago

In a couple of months when you start seeing both these games mentioned in one thread you will know what i mean.

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