Vita offers 'much easier' development than previous platforms

CVG: Lower barrier to entry will promote developer experimentation and risk

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DarkSniper2459d ago

PlayStation® Vita is giving the consumers exactly what they want in terms of complete handheld gaming. This is only possible due to the excellent development cycle conducted by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Developers across the globe have declared PlayStation® Vita as a unlimited platform to realize their true vision for their portfolio of games. When combining this handheld with the PlayStation®3, you get an immersive and breathtaking experience that cannot be found on no other console.

The wait is finally over. Next-gen is finally here. With PlayStation Vita, we can all jump into the blend of virtual reality and make it an actual reality. Only on PlayStation®.


Silver_Faux2459d ago

what the hell dude. im gonna pick up a vita aswell but lay off the propoganda pipe, you sound like an advert.

MasterCornholio2459d ago

This is what happens when you listen to developers instead of keeping them in the dark during the research and development process.


Don't listen to devs : 1 analog nub
Listen to devs : dual analog sticks


tarbis2459d ago

Many 3rd party publishers are being put off by hard to program consoles. They don't want to spend money on R&D at all. With ease of development they can release more games at a short time. Which also means that shovelwares will also be abundant. Xd