Could new countdown site be the first game announcement for Respawn Entertainment?

A mysterious website has been up for awhile and now has started to reach the end of the count down. Is this the first a game to be announced from Respawn Entertainment? Respawn Entertainment is a studio which built was by the creator of Call of Duty West and Vince Zampella.

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Hdz542486d ago

Probably a hoax or something completely unrelated like the "Find Makarov" countdown last year that everyone assumed was MW3's reveal

MrBeatdown2486d ago

Usually countdowns worth paying attention to don't end before anyone finds out about them. Plus the Twitter account sounds like it belongs to a total idiot who likes fighting with other idiots.

DeadlyFire2486d ago

umm.....countdown says 0000000 to me. So did I break it? Nothing happens.