TeamXbox - Devil May Cry 4 Hands-On Preview for Xbox 360

Ever since the word first broke that Capcom's hit Devil May Cry series was jumping ship to the Xbox 360, owners have been eager to see how just how smoothly the franchise could make the transition into the next generation of gaming. Well, TeamXbox finally got their hands on a playable Devil May Cry 4 build and, after putting it through its paces, it looks like fans of the series won't be disappointed in the least.

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Shaka2K63772d ago

Not the mention it looks like a PS2 game.

gameplay-wise the game is where it was born best on PlayStation3.

InMyOpinion3772d ago

Sorry, did you say something?

giovonni3772d ago

That was none sense, that's like saying Metal Gear or Final Fantasy is better for the Nintendo, hell thats where it was born. People should stop being bias and try it out for the 360 before you claim such a thing. I've played action games, such as Castlevinia SOTN, Golden Axe, Double Dragon, Contra , Oblivion, Nba live, Madden, and a few others on 360, and the controls felt just as good as playing it where it all started. So, what's the real problem?
If you ask me I think the Hard core Sony lovers have lost Bragging rights that came along with DMC4 being PS3 only. So, they have to find something wrong with the 360 version to feel at ease. Which is sad..

romaink3772d ago

another biased statement! have you even played a game using an xbox 360 controller?

Bnet3433772d ago

He is at good at pissing people off, it makes him look smart and other people stupid.

Lyberator3771d ago

To bad it's basically universally agreed by every gaming site that the 360's pad is the best.

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The Dark Knight3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

geez i can tell your not a negative person in life......and what the hell is a xbug? we can all see you rushed to make that word up..

It works great on both consoles stop being a fanboy

xxspaceMonkeyxx3772d ago

It looks good but the gameplay on Ninja Gaiden feels way more rewarding than in DMC games,(you could play DMC with your eyes closed) and it'll prob be the same with next gen. I'll hold on for NG2.

The Dark Knight3772d ago

i agree, ive played DMC on ps2, i enjoyed it but ninja gaiden just seems so damn good and gory you gotta love it!

felman873772d ago

I highly recommend you pick up DMC1 and 3, seeing as how DMC2 was just awful

Black Rose3772d ago

I really dont care on what console is the game's debut but when DMC4 went MP it lost lots of its value and fans of franchise. Its still a great game just not the same it was.

Imagine Ninja Gaiden 2 going MP after all its hype for being an great exclusive, it wouldn't matter what console it hit but it will sure loose it value as an exclusive

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The story is too old to be commented.