The Darkness II Review: BuzzFocus

The Darkness II finds a way to shine a light through the litany of repeat games with a creative story, superb voice acting and frenetic gameplay that always keeps the adrenaline pumping. There are moments when the combat can get too chaotic and cause a migraine or two, especially when you’re trying to eat a heart instead of pick up a weapon. But the smart story will compel you to follow Jackie Estacado’s adventure through to its end.

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fragnificent2492d ago

i dont know if i want this game or not, its getting good reviews but theres just something stopping me from getting it. its probably the guys name, Jackie :L

tboyshinobi2492d ago

lol! now that you mention it, i don't know any "Jackie"s that have been the head of a crime family. maybe that's what makes this crime boss unique. lol

ASTAROTH2492d ago

Well Jackie is a real mafia badass... play the game. Play the first one if you can, rent it if you cant or dont want to buy it but play it because its a really good game and a fresh FPS. Also dont let the graphics stop you... even if they are comic book like they are still mature and gritty.

cbclerk2492d ago

The comic always seemed like a good concept, but I never picked it up because I wasn't a huge Top Cow guy. Still the concept always stuck, and in the rear view mirror I knew enough to know what it was about. When I saw that first commercial, I was blown away at how they captured the flavor of the comic, glad to see the game supports the hype. I'll be checking this out for sure.