HollywoodChicago Review: ‘Gotham City Impostors’ is Great Shooter

Brian Tallerico: "A comic-book inspired, slapstick-ish downloadable shooter sounds kind of like a disaster in waiting. “Gotham City Impostors” is far from a disaster. In fact, like the best downloadable games, it gets more addictive as it goes on. Probably like most players, I used downloadable games as “snacks,” when I don’t have time to dig into a full meal like “Skyrim.” They should work for five minute or sixty minutes. For some time now, “Marvel Pinball” has been by go-to downloadable snack. Leave it to a game based on DC characters to supplant it."

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ChrisW2489d ago

Is a great shooter that should be for free considering all of the ridiculous day 1 DLC.

antz11042488d ago

Soooo because of all the different content it should be free? How does that make any sense at all again?

ChrisW2488d ago


SIGH, okay so besides the DLC, it's also one of those pay to win games. Sure you could level up naturally, but you can also pay for it, too.