PlayStation Store Preview 2.0 – February 21st, 2012: Initiate Vita Launch Sequence

The official PlayStation Vita launch is upon us. While some games were available last week for First Edition early adopters, the rest will go live today – and what a glorious launch line-up it is. - PSLS

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insertcoin2487d ago

Uncharted, WipEout, and Lumines... me wants Vita now.

solidt122487d ago

I'm several hours into Uncharted on the Vita. It is a true console game and in may ways it does alot of things better than the console because theres alot that's not possible on consoles. I don't want to spoil anything so you will see once you get it. The game is worth the $49. Very high production values in this game.

Elimin82487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

I love this game.. I love the whole U series but this one is my fav.. They got it right..

JoeReno2486d ago

I agree, high marks to Bend to just step into a loved series like Uncharted and knock it out of the park. I'm just a bit sad because there isn't anything out to one up it yet. Although I just started Rayman orgins and its very good.

BigDog552486d ago

If I remember correctly Naughty Dog didn't make the game?

Sev2487d ago

Oh man, I recommend ALL of the PSN-only Vita titles. Escape Plan, Plants V zombies, Stardust, and Mutant Blobs Attack are so excellent!

Redempteur2486d ago

motorstrom Rc at that price is such a deal ...

DarkBlood2486d ago

psn-only vita titles? i assuming that means it wont come on a game card?

dbjj120882487d ago

Can't wait to play my Vita! I got a better deal than the First Edition, but this week has been excruciating!

Sev2487d ago

I couldn't even wait past the Japanese launch in December, no idea how you've managed to hold out.

Lord_Sloth2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Most of us didn't have a choice. Money's tight as hell!

Game4life2486d ago

I would have gotten the japoanese version had it been not like a couple hunderd more in u.s dollars for the 3g version

shadowknight2032487d ago

Does anyone know if u can use the 3G to watch Netflix?

Zechs342487d ago

Good question! I don't think it's ever been addressed. Although with those caps... Why even bother? :/

MySwordIsHeavenly2487d ago

You can on a phone, so I see no reason that you shouldn't be able to on the Vita.

solidt122487d ago

Yes you can but I wouldn't cause your bill will be high as h e double hockey sticks. Netflix will be available tomorrow.

cervantes2402487d ago

I may check out the SSX demo. I haven't played one in a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.