Why I’m Not Okay With Sony Ditching PSP Discs

Jason Schreier, Kotaku- "Last summer, I bought a copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable for the PSP. I'd heard nothing but fantastic things about Atlus's role-playing game slash high school simulator, and I figured it'd be a good opportunity to bolster my RPG street cred.

A few months later, when I finally opened the game, it gave me disc error issues. I couldn't play more than the first few hours without my game freezing up.

No problem, I figured. My PSP-1000 is pretty old. The Vita is coming out soon. I'll just start a new game on the new system, even if I have to pay five or ten dollars to digitally transfer my PSP disc. No big deal. Oops. Several weeks ago, Sony said its UMD transferring program would not be available in the U.S."

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zeal0us2256d ago

Move on and you will get over it eventually.

jujubee882256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Contant J. Rubenstien, S. Yoshida or anyone else and get a petition going, THEY WILL RESPOND.

Edit: Jeff Rubenstein is more of PR guy but, Yoshida is a real down to earth guy (who is the head of SCE WWS).

MaxXAttaxX2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

There is no UMD drive on the PS Vita. AND WHY WOULD YOU WANT ONE?
Last time I checked, everyone supposedly hated UMDs and hoped that Sony wouldn't use anything like it on their next-gen handheld.

* Disc drives are bulky and suck up battery life. And where would they put it?
This was a good design decision.

* Don't like having to pay to download games? Then keep your PSP.
* Don't like the fact that a UMD drive will never be built into a PS Vita?
Then Keep your PSP.

* The only option would be an external peripheral.
Would you honestly carry that around? And would you rather pay for a separate peripheral instead of keep your PSP for free?

* Your UMDs are not useless. PSPs still exist and are being sold everyday.
No one's forcing you to get rid of your PSP.

Opinion pieces.... sight.
There's always something new to complain about, even if it makes little sense.

JaredH2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )


A lot of people thought it'd be like it is in Japan with you putting in some numbers from the umd itself and then getting the download for like $5, not the full price.

Personally, When I heard about the psp go transfer thing(and the Vita's) I immediately thought they were making a peripheral like the ps2 memory card converter for ps3 except it would transfer the game to your memory stick. Then they stayed quiet till weeks before launch in both cases.

I just think that parts shady on Sony's part since they waited weeks before launch to say no UMB support. Especially since they hinted at including it months before in both cases. It's not like people planning to buy one are going to cancel their plans weeks before launch. It's a good business move I guess...

I can see where they're coming from though. It'd be hard to implement because it could lead to mass game sharing and the ps2 memory card thing failed too so Sony doesn't have a very good reason to make one in the first place.

darthv722256d ago

I would imagine that the US is more prone to piracy with UMD's than other territories.

It was a neat idea when they talked about it for the GO but unfortunately it didnt happen then either. I would say though, once Sony made psp games available for digital download I didnt find myself buying as many umd games anymore.

I have a Go and psp 1000 and even though I do have UMD's I was buying games via the ps store. Mostly they are all on my GO but I do have several mini's on both. If I want to play a UMD game...I play a UMD game.

What irks me is not all of the ps store games for PSP are available for the vita. Seems I have 4 titles i wont be able to transfer. MNR, Stardust portable, Killzone liberation and dante inferno.

MNR and stardust i can understand as there are vita versions available now but no killzone liberation??? It made me think that if sony were to make newer vita versions of previous psp games, those psp versions would not be playable if you try to upgrade. Seems that is what is happening with some (not all) games.

I wont really complain as I see the vita is meant for moving things forward in games with not only the graphics but the gameplay. Meaning cross platform play between vita/ps3 looks to be a big thing if sony stays on track to make it part of every new release.

triverse2256d ago

Unfortunately, I saw Sony dropping backwards compatibility with the PSP when they nixed support for PS2 on PS3 awhile back.

Much like anything, EVERYTHING possible is done to gain support in the beginning but then after a certain level is attained, features are removed.

SilentNegotiator2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

"Much like anything, EVERYTHING possible is done to gain support in the beginning but then after a certain level is attained, features are removed"

So are you saying that starting off with BC creates support or not?

triverse2256d ago

Obviously, if you have BC from the get go, it is viewed a positive from consumers that have already purchased the previous system. Reports state there are over 80 million PSP owners, that can be a lot of games that gamers can't use on the Vita without "re-purchasing" them.

Machioto2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

The removal of backwards compatibility from the ps3 was financial,as for the author he is obviously stupid because the psp and vita have different formats to play games,if the go had proper support this wouldn't be a problem.

@neck The architecture of the ps3 is vastly different from ps2,that's why it was physically on the board and not emulated via software.

MaxXAttaxX2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

It never even had a UMD drive in the first place.
And you can play PSP games on the Vita via download.

triverse2256d ago

Re-purchasing titles that you already own is not "true" backwards compatibility. That is simply reselling consumers on titles they bought once.

MaxXAttaxX2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

FYI a lot of people have previously bought PSP games over PSN and can be downloaded again to your PS Vita FREE of charge.

Just because you can buy games over the PS Store doesn't mean you're "re-purchasing" them. A lot of people are first time buyers.

If you already have a PSP and UMDs, then why get rid of it in the first place. No one's forcing you.

smashcrashbash2256d ago

However everyone seems to be okay with everyone else ditching their last format for new games. Don't remember any picket signs or anyone getting up in arms when Microsoft's 360 barely could play Xbox games or Nintendo not even trying to get the Wii to play Gamecube games. So many people ditch gamers but Sony takes the hits. Sony has no obligation to create anything to run PSP discs to facilitate your cheapness. They could easily just ditch the old format completely and say 'screw you, buy the new games'

Neckbear2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

There's a slight difference between "screw you, buy the new games" and "screw you, buy your old games AGAIN".

However, there's a fallacy in your argument: both Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's Wii could play (most) older games without issue, something the PS3 was uncapable of doing (at least until your almighty God Sony gave you the option to buy those old games you own...again. Much like the Vita), and that analogy doesn't exactly apply here.

But nevermind, people obviously have something against a multimillion dollar company, yep. Not their products nor policies (some of which are praised by the very same people "against them", I reckon), and it's not like it wouldn't happen if any other company did the same, oh boy, nope.


Last time I checked, outside a newer revision of the Wii, the console can play all GameCube games without issue. As for the 360, the compatibility is around 90%, last I checked., only the PS3 dropped last gen support in this generation.

"Why do people go knock on their door?"

Why not? It's a legitimate complaint many customers have.

smashcrashbash2256d ago

What are you taking about? The Wii can't play older games unless you download them. Nintendo dropped the Gamecube games and never even tried to make them compatible with the Wii. And Microsoft dropped the Xbox and not all games were compatible with the 360.What do you mean without an issue? What issues did the PS3 have with playing older games?

Nintendo did the exact same thing. They made you buy over every game from NES to the Gamecube and never made ANY if the systems compatible with the last.And yet people badger Sony to do it as if they are obligated. Why do people go knock on their door?

AceofStaves2256d ago

The launch models of the PS3 are capable of playing both PS2 and PS1 games. Sony gave people the choice to have backwards compatibility, and when poor sales of the PS3 at launch proved that consumers weren't willing to pay for a feature-heavy PS3, Sony cut the PS2 backwards compatibility to save money and lower manufacturing costs.

So the PS3 was capable of playing older games at launch, and the launch models still can. It's the newer PS3s that lack the backwards compatibility.

Drummerdude412256d ago

Actually my ps3 can play all my ps2 games, but sony dropped that cause people literally were asking for remakes instead of compatibility. And Nintendo drops compatibility all the time on their handhelds. Unless your talking about a direct Predecessor to successor format compatibility. And i see your point but 1, umd's were an outdated format when sony released them and in terms of business it would have been stupid for them to even put it on just for compatibility. And secondly can't you just use your Psp. Now i'm not trying to bash you. Im just stating my opinion and if i'm missing an angle you can inform me. Just not looking for a fight.

MaxXAttaxX2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )


Sony never removed it from the system you bought. It had a physical chip and its removal was cost effective.
It was never removed from owners systems since it wasn't emulated in the software.

Only the newer PS3s did not come with it. So if you bought a new one, you never had it. You never payed for it.

Anyway, you're off topic.

PS Vita NEVER dropped PSP backwards compatibility.
It never even had a UMD drive in the first place (Which would be bulky, crammed, SLOW and drain battery life from the Vita).

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resistance1002256d ago

The wii plays gamecube games.....

It's even got 4 gamecube controller ports and memory card slots for crying out loud.

jwk942256d ago

New Wii's dropped GCN BC.

Ryasha2256d ago

The Wii does play Gamecube games. The only version of the Wii that does not is the "Family Edition" they released last year but the regular ones with GC compatibility are still being sold.

It's the Wii U that won't play GC games.

triverse2256d ago

My comment was based on Sony's track record in the console market. PS2 played PSOne titles without a hitch. Early PS3's played both PS2 and PSOne titles till Sony removed the PS2 capabilities.

That is why it is a thorn in the side of many gamers' sides as to how Sony is handling the PSP to PSVita conversion.

Why would I buy a Vita to play PSP titles that are digitally downloaded when I can buy a much cheaper PSP and physical, or digital, copies of games for it? What is Sony doing to give gamers that "urge" to buy the Vita? Not much at this point.

MaxXAttaxX2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

You buy a PS Vita for its features and to play PS Vita games, not PSP games.
PSP games are a secondary feature.

Did you honestly buy a PS3 to play PS2 games? That's what it sounds like you're trying to say with the PS Vita.

I've said this above and I'll say it again.
A lot of people who buy PSP games over the PS Store are first-time buyers (of many PSP games). Not necessarily re-purchasing them.
I myself, have purchased a few games over PSN and, like everyone else who has, I can downloaded them again to my PS Vita FREE of charge.

If you happen to have nothing but UMDs, then why get rid of your PSP in the first place. No one's forcing you to do anything.

Many (and myself included) have had plenty of incentives to get a Vita for what it does and none of it was PSP related.

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Waddy1012256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

The whole issue of backwards compatibility is a strange one to me, some gamers like it because they can play there old games but in a year or two no-one will use the feature that much because there will be enough actual Vita games.
Take for example the DS and DS lite had GBA backwards compatibility but Nintendo removed it in the DSi.

Mikhail2256d ago

Backward compatibility is only important in the first 1 to 2 years of console life wherein the library is not strong enough. That is why it is important.

Well,PS3 can play PS1,some Ps2 games(digitally of course) while the Vita can play PS1(soon) and PSP games digitally. See something in common? Digital distribution. Backward compatibility is easier when going digital. That is why PSN and Live along with Nintendo following suit in think kind of investment.

urwifeminder2256d ago

Why didnt they make bluray umd ?

Waddy1012256d ago

Because any kind of spinning disc drive is bulky and draws a lot of power. By opting for cartridge based games they can improve leading times and decrease size and power draw. Also cartridge based media is cheaper.

urwifeminder2256d ago

so umd on psp was a mistake then thanks for the info.

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