DMC:4 PS3 Vs. Xbox 360 Comparison

These next-gen consoles go to battle with the formidable Nero.

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THC CELL3777d ago

Both games look really good

sloth4urluv3777d ago

OMG another identical multiplat, what a shocker!

dont feel like reading through all of the comments, but im sure fanboy 1 will be telling fanboy 2 that his console's version is superior.

(on a side not I got sick of hearing dante say slam dunk half way through the movie)

MADGameR3777d ago

But if you look at the cutscene with Gloria, if you pause it you can see that on the PS3 version she has more shadow reflection and on the 360 version you don't. PS3 is the winner!

redninja3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I can see no difference. Hey, wouldn't it be funny if someone made one of these comparison videos, but instead of actually showing footage from the two versions side-by-side, used footage from just one version and drew a black line down the middle and then observed the comments of hoards of inexplicably biased pre-teens? Wouldn't it?!

alfredoggy3777d ago

They are both identical. The highlight of the "comparison" was the panty-shot. =0)

shrimpboat3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Compare the flashes when the sword hits the enemy. you can tell that they are using more cpu on the PS3 version because there is more detail in the effect. To me that was the biggest difference, but the PS3 version also has better lighting.

Ju3777d ago

what panty ? (

socsca3776d ago

They have probably already done it a couple of times, this is probably one. Fukn identical, anyone claiming otherwise need to adjust his/her glasses or get over the fanboyism.

lawman11083776d ago

The first game was alot of fun but that ship has set sail. They each look good I must say.

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solar3777d ago

i watched it. i couldnt tell.

i do agree with one repliers comment. why feed the fanboi arguments with all these vs. movies? especially since that poster commented on how they wont allow the arguments on their site's forums. (i dont cruise their forums, but im trusting his knowledge and the others that agreed with him). its kinda contradictory of them.

FunnyBone3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I think the point is...$ony said the PS3 was going to make the 360 look like 1.5...ANYONE REMEMBER THAT....Yet now it is "Well they look the same so who cares" I want to see these games that make the 360 look like 1.5 instead of the same thing...

The video does show them both looking the same...I wont argue that...I just feel we should be seeing leaps and bounds in these comparison video's.....

felman873777d ago

they look the same. If you think otherwise, you're only fooling yourself

jwatt3777d ago

Yea it's almost crazy how identical they look but I do think at 1:33 her butt looks bigger on the ps3 version, lol.