Futile Battle Over Video Game Bill Costs California Nearly $2 Million

A failed law drafted six years ago, under the pretense of protecting California children from video game violence, has ended up costing taxpayers nearly $2 million. The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that the law violated the First Amendment. Now California has agreed to reimburse the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) $950,000 for legal fees incurred while overturning the state’s law.

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zeal0us2463d ago

To the state of Calfornia, sucks for the taxpayers though.

Frantic_Fantasy2463d ago

I am so damn tired of the issue of video game violence being the blame for violent behavior in kids. If a minor honestly think it is okay to take the life of someone, or act like the main characters in Vice City, their juuuuust might be an underlying anger issue with the kids, or their is a problem wuth say, oh I dunno the HOME LIFE. I'm not to keen on censorship of any nature (yes I totally am referring to porn as well). I'm not saying a 8 year old should be playing Resident Evil, and be able to walk into a store and buy a porno, but lets be for real here, kids are doing far worse things than playing a violent video games, or watching people humping...and thats with or without parents consent.

Athyn2463d ago

Great way to spend the money of taxpayers.

Wigriff2462d ago

Thanks for the comments guys. I think that this sort of discussion about the politics surrounding video games is essential. We must be informed. :)