Skyrim werewolf with skill tree via DLC

InEnt writes: There are currently 18 skills in total so there is room for more such as one specifically for a Werewolf, where you can level up while in this form for killing or eating different things. The problem with being one of these creatures is that you do not have any armor, so you could take an arrow and be killed outright. Why would you be given the chance to become a Werewolf if there was no way for it to become a major part of the game, hence why there are rumors of a skill tree in a future DLC?

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danswayuk2070d ago

This would be pretty cool.

MsclMexican2069d ago

Kind of useless if you have a max level character and used all the skill points

MagicAccent2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

There is already a mod for this. Probably several, in fact.

honkyjesus2070d ago

That includes Achievements?

Nah, it has an actual skill tree?

bwazy2070d ago

Yes because achievements are relevant in even the smallest way.


AllroundGamer2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

paying for achievements eh? oh what have become of gamers...

Snookies122070d ago

Vampires should get one too lol.

brodychet2070d ago

Playing the game as a Vampire has got to be one of the most challenging things.

ThanatosDMC2070d ago

Vampires are so much cooler... in a sense that you die so fast as one but the Vampires you meet are ridiculously super strong and the Elder Scrolls lore about them make them extremely powerful creatures. Yes, cool people play on Master Difficulty.

MsclMexican2069d ago

I tried playing a vampire, but ended up hating it because my stupid followers would not let me feed, and kept attacking me because never kept track on my fast travel

FrightfulActions2070d ago

How about a first-person view addition. I know a lot of people like playing Third Person, but I always played first-person so I was always frustrated when the game forced me into third-person when I became a werewolf. Is it to hide the gore of feasting on bodies? It'd be cool to see blood literally splash across your screen whenever you take a bite out of someone.

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The story is too old to be commented.