Sony Patents 3D Depth-Sensing Camera for PlayStation Consoles

A newly published patent has revealed that Sony has begun work on a new 3D camera that could potentially be a part of the PlayStation 4.

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Sev2217d ago

This is what the PlayStation Eye should have been. Honestly, that thing sucked major ass this entire PS3 lifecycle.

If it wasn't for it's inclusion for Move, it would be the most underused thing I own.

doctorstrange2217d ago

You could always play Eye of Judgement and... uh...

CarlitoBrigante2216d ago

On the PS2 you had all these awesome Eyetoy games, now there are barely a couple of PS Eye games out there.

I'm sure Sony will give us an awesome new camera for PS4!

trenso12216d ago

Use it for creative pics when making a level in lbp1/2?

ThatArtGuy2216d ago

Sending Smugshots in Burnout Paradise. (Required for platinum.)

tokugawa2216d ago


so i suppose that michael phelps 2 and star wars (motion) 2 once multi-plat, will be great games and a reason to buy this new device from sony!!

classic.... you just cant beat the entertainment that you get from reading fanboy comments on top10s4fanboys

keep it up

jeseth2216d ago

Patenting that tech is great for Sony.

That makes it theirs ... all theirs!


Lol. Can't wait to see how they implement it!

Anon19742216d ago

I agree. The Playstation Eye was a bust for me as well. I use a projector which require the lights to be dim, but you need bright lights in order for the Eye to register anything, even with it's dim light settings on. Just a complete waste of money.

Eventually, I'll pick up a Move controller and see if that can't finally make my PS Eye useful for something, but I'm not in any hurry.

Pixel_Enemy2216d ago

I actually did use the PSeye to take pics of sprites and such for my little big planet mario level.

darthv722216d ago

they make a revision to the vita camera with this 3d type of cam? Follow me on this cause i know i will lose some of you.

They revise the vita to work not only as a portable but as a console. Plugged into a dock that is connected to the tv, it would upscale vita games and media to 720p.

add to that ds3 controller support as well as move controller support due to the vita having the camera built in. It would be the ultimate portable/console.

If there is a company that could make this would be sony. Being a content provider (games,movies,music) as well as a hardware manufacturer should allow for them to make it cost effective.

Yeah, i know.....wishful thinking. If anything, this new camera tech will find its way into their PC's and TV's at the very least.

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lorianguy2217d ago

I do a lot of video chats so it's good for me.

LX-General-Kaos2216d ago

I will definately get one of these for the PS4. I just cant wait to see the reaction on this site when the Playstation Kinect releases.

sikbeta2217d ago

I'll lose all hope IF Sony ships a camera with next PS4 the same way MS is doing and Will Do with X360/Infinity-Xbox-Next :(

All the investment cash in better HW will be thrown to a camera like Kinect just to play catch up with MS, sad news...

gotgame19852216d ago

well you already know these companies always copy each others success, so is this really a surprise.

people always say Sony are such innovators in this industry but truthfully the only company that has been innovating the industry is nintendo. I really think of any thing Nintendo copy from Sony or Microsoft.

killerhog2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Ps-eye (ps2) already did motion sensing. This article should of solely emphasize on Sony improving the playstation cameras motion sensing technology, and not compare it to kinect as its irrelevant as the ps-eye already did it.

Sony should take it a step ahead; and add that hologram tech they been working on, It be cool if the ps-eye emits holograms you can touch/interact with.

kaveti66162216d ago

"not compare it to kinect as its irrelevant as the ps-eye already did it."

Wow. The amount of mental gymnastics it took to rationalize this.

denawayne2216d ago

I understand your point as irrelevant as it did it

KingME2216d ago Show
darthv722216d ago

you are just a bit out of touch. PS-eye is for PS3. eyetoy is for PS2. And the correct comparison would be eyetoy =/= live vision cam.

Kinect is the 2nd camera system from MS just as PS-eye is 2nd camera system from Sony.

Both improved/surpassed what was done in the first model.

gotgame19852216d ago

Sony should take it a step ahead; and add that hologram tech they been working on, It be cool if the ps-eye emits holograms you can touch/interact with.

dude do you know how much that will cost, why that will be cool it won't happen next gen. but the gen after I can't imagine it properly will have holograms, augmented reality, motion sensing, voice control and who knows what else, you will literally be the character in the game.

killerhog2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Out of touch? Not really. I used the eye-toy latest name (ps-eye) as it is [ps-eye] the improved version. I did use ps2 to allude the time period (of how far back) but I guess people didn't catch on.

Also I used irrelevant since the ps-eye is the improved version of the eye-toy there was no need to meantion kinect. They could of just focused on Sony improving tech they already used since ps2.

But I guess it's why idiots expunged other sentences but only quoted what made them feel smart.

hazardman2216d ago

What other camera system did MS release? I had the 1st Xbox and don't remember there being a camera for it, I may be wrong tho. If the PS3DEyE comes bundled with the PS4 then whatever, but if it doesn't I'm not buying it! Same goes with the Kinect 2!!

darthv722216d ago

Their 1st attempt at a camera was the live vision. It wasnt for the original xbox it was for the 360/PC and I used it as a basic webcam on the PS3 before I got the PSEye.

Cameras are not generational in the sense that there would need to have been one released for a previous console. There can be improvements within the same console time frame.

The live vision was a perfect replica of the eyetoy that MS wanted to use as a money grab. There are some games for it but it was later used primarily for online interaction (chatting) in games like uno, etc.

It isnt a 'bad' camera but it isnt anything that stands out either which explains the lack of people really remembering it. Kinect would be their 2nd gen camera and quite possibly they are working on the successor which should be more precise. Even down to the individual fingers or even finer detail.

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milohighclub2216d ago

This also kinda backs up the rumour of ps4 going into the manufacturing process as the company that said they were manufacturing it also said that it would come with a built in kinect I've device.

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morkendo232216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

this is not to u SEV....

if this happen why would SONY copy MS kinect sensing ability and nintendo wii U tablet controller??

if PS4 and X8 be mixed up like that Hell, mise well buy Wii-U and Kinect parts make my own Damn PS4

OR is it cheaper to COPY than to think.

Daver2216d ago

eyedentify would have been nice but they probably cancelled the project, its been a while since we heard about it.

xtremeimport2216d ago

they should just let motion gaming die with this generation.

NeoTribe2216d ago

Smartest comment in entire article. Plz let all the motion gaming die. Its a gimmick.

silvacrest2216d ago

motion gaming is going nowhere, but its not all bad, once i can navigate my PS4 via hand gestures or voice only it will be worthwhile for me

hazardman2216d ago

I can already do that with the Kinect! Lol..

xtremeimport2215d ago

if it comes with the system and not a $100 add on i can live with it. but, you want to buy a $150 camera that mostly is used in games for Voice control. Explain to me how that makes sense and why I couldnt do all that with a headset that I already own?

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GribbleGrunger2216d ago

i love the fact they call it Kinect like. it couldn't be a natural development of Eyetoy or PSEye, now could it. and it's actually weird they have only just patented this because i heard of this tech from them 4 years ago

JL2216d ago

Agreed. This is absolutely just a heat-seeking flamebait title. Kinect didn't invite 3D depth in cameras and Sony was even looking into it long before. This is just the next step in their camera.

But of course, comparing it to Kinect will get so much more hits. Yellow journalism here.

hazardman2216d ago

I mean does it matter who was developing tech 1st? MS released the 1st actual controller free tech on console and although I'm not the biggest fan of motion controllers, I think Kinect is way ahead of the PSeye. And it wouldn't surprise me if the Kinect 2 is better than the PSeye3d.

DeadlyFire2216d ago

New camera tech + speech tech = Move 2. I wonder if it will be optional at launch. Either way I am not interested, but might give it a trail run.

LX-General-Kaos2216d ago

I am very excited to see the Playstation Kinect arrive on store shelves. Now both sides can experience all of the 1st class motion based games that kinect has experienced for a short amount of time now.

Day one purchase for me and I hope every Playstation fan on this site does the same. The new pet simulator should give Nintendogs a run for its money.

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Colwyn2217d ago

sony patents eyetoy-like 3d depth sensing camera for the playstation consoles

dark-hollow2217d ago

the eyetoy doesnt have 3-D depth.

thats like saying the wiimote is the same exact tech of the move.

Lord_Sloth2216d ago

I believe that's why they patented it. It's like the Eye Toy but with 3-D depth.

Machioto2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Sense I don't know how to put on here,these are website that talks about ps move,by eurogamer,Sony,why we turn down kinect and gameradar,we saw move 10 years ago.

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cervantes2402217d ago

Hopefully, this camera will be used with PS4 in some new and unique ways.

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Dlacy13g2217d ago

Part of me hopes this is true in that with 2 out of the 3 next gen systems using this kind of tech we would see more developers using it and trying to do more with it since it would have a bigger install base to work across.

What scares me though is if the fidelity and tech isnt increased then we will continue to see little innovation hardcore game wise and just more mini game collections. Don't get me wrong... some of the mini game stuff is fun...for a short time. But its not a $60+ experience.