Alan Wake's American Nightmare - XG 24/7 Review

@XG247: We've spent the past few nights stuck in a nightmare written by Alan Wake, he's a writer don't you know.

When we did finally manage to wake up we had to gather our thoughts and work out if the dream made any sense or if we'd wet the bed. Turns out we did both.

Alas, our review.

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NYC_Gamer2460d ago

Remedy hasn't released a huge hit since Max Payne 1&2.

Thrungus2460d ago

I enjoyed Alan Wake, but American Nightmare just isn't up to scratch. It's incredibly lazy in it's story and multiplayer.

skyrim2460d ago

#1 the game has no multiplayer so it would be hard to make it lazy #2 have you played it i find it hard to believe you have considering it doesn't come out till wednesday #3 if you haven't played it then having your whole opinion shaped by a review is sad. Im no fanboy i just have to say something when i see an ignorant comment.

LightSamus2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

@Rob: Are you even aware that the guy above you is the one who reviewed it? XD

skyrim2460d ago

@lightsamaus Lol no i was not aware my bad but there is no multiplayer so i still don't understand the comment.

Thrungus2460d ago

my bad in calling it 'multiplayer', I meant arcade mode. Woops!

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Nozzle2460d ago

This is what happens when you add over the top action to a game which dosen't suit it.

They should of just stuck to AW2 and if it is going to release this gen, they could of gotten it out by the end of this year.

I even would of prefered them continuing doing DLC for AW, I don't understand why they stopped if they were going to make American Nightmare which is basicaly equal to one very big DLC for a game

skyrim2460d ago

again have you played the game or are you just basing your whole opinion off things you are reading?

IM_KINECTED2460d ago

Overall the game is getting good to great reviews. People are trying to review it like a full sequel to Alan Wake and it's not.

This is an arcade title to try to get some support up so they can possibly do a full on Alan Wake 2 game in the future.

They have a size limit on XBL and so of course a lot of the cutscenes and therefore story elements were left out. I'm really looking forward to playing anything to do with new Alan Wake.

3/5 is still good.

skyrim2460d ago

Could not agree more i don't mind if you don't like alan wake but saying 7s and 8s are low is ridiculous.

Why o why2460d ago


Maybe titles like this will make ms consider lifting the cap.

DiRtY2460d ago

I loved the first AW, the "media" did not. I am ready for more Alan Wake!