Where Are The Christmas Games?

Kotaku writes:

"It's a fantastic question, I think, as Hollywood has no fear trotting out the cinematic goods that have a very brief window of appropriateness. Right now, three holiday films-Fred Claus, This Christmas and The Perfect Holiday-are currently showing in the US top ten box office, but there's not much beyond timed events, downloadable clothing and quests that are holiday specific in games these days. Holiday era re-issues on titles that underperformed or could appeal to the pre-order shy might be something the industry should think about.

We're just about up to our eyeballs in Christmas cards from developers, but what about demos for already released games with a candy cane or two thrown in? One might think that with all that downloadable content out there, whether free or pay-to-play, it might make financial sense to toss in an elf or Hannukah Harry."

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ElementX3806d ago

What a crap article. Some guy on Kotaku gets his opinions submitted to N4G because it's Kotaku? Lame

Alcohog3806d ago

There should be a "Christmas Story" game :P

P4KY B3806d ago

but the PS3 version wouldn't arrive until April.

jinn3806d ago

GTA4 could have been the perfect present


I want a GTA demo or demo for Raiden/DMC or NG2 with a special christmas bonus stage!!! That would be too awesome!