Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Eurogamer Review

EG: " As the title intimates, the story ends with question marks lingering over the nature of Wake's experience. But even if it really is his nightmare, our troubled writer is arguably better company asleep than awake."

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Grodd2284d ago

I love Alan Wake. Good Atmosphere. Thought it was one of the BEST exclusives on the 360 to date. Can't wait for this one. I suspect it will be far better then what Eurogamer gives it credit for.

NYC_Gamer2284d ago

It's getting a lot of low scores around the web not just from eurogamer.

skyrim2284d ago

it's funny how people think a 7 is low 7s and 8s are great scores and thats mostly what it's getting.

gillri2284d ago

you mean high scores surely?

7's, 8.5's and 8's, how is that low!?

plus its DLC which never scores as high compared to full retail games

Apocwhen2284d ago

Review reads like an 8 or 9. Sounds good.

Grodd2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

The full Alan Wake game was given a 7 by Eurogamer also, for what its worth.