Mario Kart through the Ages; What about the Wii U?

With the Wii U soon to come out, what can we expect from a new rendition of the Mario Kart series, and will it change much from the way it is now?

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DA_SHREDDER2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

It will be called Mario Kart 7 3D WiiU

TomInc2257d ago

I'd be interested to see how they implement the second screen for mario kart with Wii-U

conorlovesfaces2257d ago

Like I speculated, I'm unsure whether they even will. It's not like it can be used for every person, but then again Nintendo could come along and surprise us! :)

PopRocks3592256d ago

Map? Rear view mirror? Just sayin'.

maniacmayhem2257d ago

I just hope they return it to what the N64 version was. Even Double Dash would be a good idea, as long as the blue shells stay on the floor.

the current Karts are way too loser friendly. 3rd place and below grants you god like weapons and they're too many current weapons that propel you to the front. Bullet Bill, the giant mushroom, the star, too many items that grant invulnerability.

N64 had a great balance of weapons. All they need is to bring back the feather and keep the squid power up and that's it.

LX-General-Kaos2257d ago

Mario Kart Wii U will probably be an amazing game. I would also love to see the plans for the next starfox (R-Wing) game.

Sobari2257d ago

Wouldn't mind having the touchscreen act as a rear-view mirror to make launching items at oncoming racers/items easier.

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