Nier director "afraid" to try Kickstarter

After being asked if he would try to fund a spiritual sequel to cult RPG Nier through Kickstarter, ex-Cavia employee and Nier director and writer Yoko Taro explained his position on crowdfunding.

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StifflerK2286d ago

I really liked Nier , I hope it does get a sequel someday.

Wolfbiker2286d ago

I still have to beat it...along with eternal sonata those are my two at the top of my backlog.

coryok2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

nier has the best ending ive ever experienced, play through them all! (in order ... :) )

vuzuki2285d ago

I respect David Jaffe, but when he says games can't do stories, he obviously never played Nier.