Is 2012 the year Japanese gaming fights back? | PS3 Attitude

PS3A says "This is a tough generation for Japanese devs working on PS3 with sales and enthusiasm for their products down well below normal and healthy levels.

The UK PS3 game sales charts for 2011 (compiled by GFK Chart-Track) featured no games in the top 10 from Japan. The list was instead dominated by American, Australian, Canadian and European studios. In addition, Japanese devs barely figured in the top 100 multiplatform charts too, excluding the always prolific Nintendo devs."

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vuzuki2287d ago

Well, most Japanese game dev are going portable since this is what's successfull in Japan. That's why Sony's plan is to unite portable and home console gaming (with Vita and PSP remasters) so that the same games can come out in the East and West's favorite platforms.

Knight_Cid2287d ago

NO, just know.

SOny has no plan to unite portable and home console gaming. The vita is a japanese portable that is already getting more japanese franchises early on than the ps3 got. Thats because the vita believe it or not is more popular than the ps3 was in japan at launch.

Psp remasters, you mean all 2 of them? That idea bottomed out real quick.

Hicken2286d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Why do you keep commenting on Sony's business plans as if you're in on their strategy meetings? Furthermore, why do your insights pretty much sound like you were asleep during the meetings, got fired, and now want to make Sony look bad because you lost your job?

You have NO insight, and even less than that when it comes to the Vita, which you seem to despise from the bottom of your gullet.

The PSP remaster you're referring two aren't even a year old, are they? And Sony IS kinda in the process of putting out a new handheld; did it ever occur to you that these remasters may be shifted to see releases on the Vita? Or, perhaps, that not every game translates well from handheld to home console? Or that fans haven't shown much interest outside the collections already done?

Probably not.

You saw something that had ANYTHING to do with the Vita, and you attacked.

You know, I could understand if it were like a lot of people and COD: they USED to be fans, but don't like the way things are, so they make their voices heard. But you can't possibly be someone who USED to like the Vita, as you have ZERO experience with it, and almost as little knowledge OF it.

So why don't you just leave it alone? Why keep spending time talking about something you never liked in the first place? I just don't get it.

Edit: You own a Vita? Riiight. Is that why you never actually say anything about how any of the games perform?

Once. In ten pages of comments, I see ONE comment mentioning your owning a Vita. And not one positive thing to say... well, MAYBE ONE.

On the other hand, even in Vita-related articles, you LOVE to bring up the 3DS. You just can't get enough of that thing. Even to the point where you do dumb shit like

Does that sound like someone who likes the Vita?

How about this?

That doesn't sound like someone who likes the Vita.

What about this?

Doesn't sound like someone who likes the Vita, to me.

You can tell me how many Vitas you've reserved or imported or whatever. Your words don't bear out your... well, they're not actions, but other words. You've done nothing but try to make the Vita look inferior; who would believe anything you have to say about owning one? You're not even speaking from firsthand experience with one when you DO comment.

So... no, I think I'll keep talking.

YOU shut up.

Knight_Cid2286d ago

1 bubble troll...........are you done?

you know nothing about sony, less about the industry and even less about vita.

Which I already own 1 imported from japan, and have another preordered from the states.

Does that sound like someone who hates vita?

didnt think so

shut up

gillri2287d ago


Skyward Sword was my GOTY last year despite playing every big game last year and Dark Souls was incredible, Xenoblade wasnt bad too

2011 was also a great year

FinaLXiii2287d ago

Its a really hard question mostly because some of their AAA titles have been in development for a long time.

CanadianTurtle2287d ago

Although Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was considered a half assed presented game, I still thought the gameplay was fantastic! Never played a fighting game so smooth before. Dark Souls Was amazing as well.

As for this year, lets see, FF13-2 sucked. But we have 3 Resident Evils though. It seems to be that Capcom are the only guys that are going all out with their titles.

vuzuki2286d ago

Vita has Shinobido which is basically Tenchu except the Devs lost the legal right to call it Tenchu.

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