Gamepro - The 11 best games for Xbox 360

Gamepro writes, "Looking for the perfect Xbox 360 title? We've rounded up the 11 best games on the console and you can't afford to miss a single one."

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MK_Red3589d ago

Aside from lack of Assassin's Creed, it's a pretty solid list although I'd put Dead Rising and BioShock in higher positions.

LGFreedom3589d ago

They're worse than Gamespot.

wageslave3588d ago

You know what is "the worst"?

Memebers of N4G like yourself pretending that these scores arent deserved, or that this reviewer is some kind of odd-man out.

Well, you're delusional. Goto Metacritic and have a look:

Go and have a look. Go on, we'll wait. Now come back and tell us how the PS3 (or Wii) have better games.

See, those are *AVERAGE* scores.

FACT: Its the concensus opinion of the gaming industry that the Xbox 360 has better games.


Xbox is the BEST3589d ago

why no one pays attention to Gamepro.

Jdash243589d ago

my friend has everything on that list except for mass effect, orange box, and pacman......they're all really fun games........too bad his 360 bricked today

fingers crossed he lets me borrow all his games til he gets his repaired

wageslave3588d ago

Dont worry, his games wont play on your PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.