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Pokémon Yellow scam hits iTunes App Store

Nintendo Universe writes:

It would appear that a Pokémon Yellow scam has made its way onto the iTunes App Store. (iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Nintendo)

LiamIRL82  +   1010d ago
How does something like this even make it through Apple & the stunning thing is that it's still there. Nintendo are going to have a field day with this. Even worse the app doesn't even work!!
Tsuru  +   1010d ago
Guess those people have never heard of RoMs or emulators
Rampaged Death  +   1010d ago
Gotta scam em all !!
GraveLord  +   1010d ago
People are SO stupid. They just see a game at #1 and assume it's good and shell out the cash. In this case, the game DOESN'T EVEN WORK!

Good Job Apple. The App store is SO great! So many quality games!

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