Warhawk Omega Dawn Expansion Now Available (US)

The expansion pack for Warhawk is now available over the US PSN. The provided link gives detail of the v1.2 update.

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EZCheez3592d ago

I had this yesterday. It wasn't downloadable through the PS Store but when you started the game it gave you the option to buy it.

Omega Factory is f'in huge by the way. If there was ever a map worthy of 64 players online, THAT would be the map. Hell, 64 sounds small for that map. Also, the dropship is awesome. I only played it on the Omega Factory map so I can't wait to try it on the others. Does anyone else think the turrets on the dropship are kinda weak though?

klashawnd3592d ago

The turrets on Warhawk overall are pretty weak. Easy kills.

I downloaded this last night and played for a while. The map is huge. Almost too huge for me.

INehalemEXI3592d ago

Right on, I didnt see it on psn and was tripping I go download now. Thanks.