Gabe Newell: Xbox 720 and PS4 must embrace innovation, think outside the box

Microsoft and Sony must embrace change or face failure with the Xbox 720 and PS4, says Valve boss Gabe Newell as he details his wish-list for the next gen, and asks why World of Warcraft has never come to consoles.

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LX-General-Kaos2011d ago

I agree with that man to the fullest.

ChrisW2011d ago

A great man once said, "If one can envision that there is no box, then there are absolutely no limitations."

MaxXAttaxX2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

If what he wants is for consoles to be like PCs, the he should look no further than his own PC. That's what PCs are for.

He also previously said he wanted the PS3 to be "more open like a Mac".... whatever that means.

Realistically speaking. Next gen consoles will most likely have better graphics, interface and connectivity, IMO.

ATi_Elite2011d ago

Basically just turn into full fledge PC's with Sony or MS logos and let Devs have more freedom to do whatever they want.

Trust me this is basically what Gabe is trying to say.

Blizzard has the platinum touch and they would love to make a console game but Sony and MS have too many restrictions therefore Blizzard says "screw that".

The Consoles need to open up a bit more and the PC Devs would flood the systems with cool games and a ton of innovation.

LX-General-Kaos2011d ago

PC devs will probably develop for the new consoles for awhile until PC surpasses consoles again. I remember a lot of rts games arriving on the 360 before the PC pushed way passed it again.

morganfell2010d ago

I agree with what Newell is saying but the Hardware this generation was hardly used "outside of the box". To some degree that fault lies as much with game developers as it does with the Hardware manufacturers themselves.

Far too often we have been entreated to little more than rote singleplayer and multiplayer. And if we were fortunate we often gained a little co-op on the side. Despite interesting stories and some great gameplay mechanics the structure remains unchanged. This is in large part due to publishers and the money men themselves that back developers who are loathe to take the risk.

It is also, in some small part, the gamers themselves who oftentimes simply want the same old thing over and over again. CoD anyone?

It is for this reason that we have clone after clone. The unwillingness to risk. And without risk there will be no innovation, without risk there will be no groundbreaking gameplay, and with risk there will be no next generation gaming.

In the end there is the box, and it is up on this box which developers and publishers must stand if they are to reach that top tier of gaining.

sikbeta2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

"Basically just turn into full fledge PC's with Sony or MS logos and let Devs have more freedom to do whatever they want"

Yeah, because that will be totally cheap, right? say thanks if rumors are true, we'll get W8 on Next Xbox, no more... oh, and kinect2 :/

Casuals just want gimmicks, that's the route every manufacturer will choose and that has nothng to do with innovation :(

MaxXAttaxX2010d ago

Full fledged PCs with Sony logs already exist. "Sony Vaio".

RumbleFish2010d ago

@LX-General-Kaos: "...until PC surpasses consoles again." I didn't know that consoles ever surpassed PC!

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NewZealander2010d ago

im guessing he wants a built in pie dispenser/warmer

trancefreak2010d ago

I just can't wait until a new console is released so I can sniff the box and that fresh new plastic smell.

Nothing like that new car smell.

oricon2010d ago

Real talk next PS4 and Xbox is basically going to be the same thing as PS3 and 360 just more powerful and better GFX and UI.

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HarryPS32011d ago ShowReplies(6)
Flatbattery2011d ago

Sounds like he's suggesting that consoles should become upgradeable. Why didn't he just come out with it and say that everyone should own a gaming PC?

GribbleGrunger2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

lol... agreed. it beggars belief that someone who's been in the industry as long as he has doesn't quite understand the advantages of having a static platform to develop for. i think it comes down the the PC dev mentality. instead of considering how you can improve and refine, they just want the extra power so that they can just chug along and never 'innovate' themselves. kind of ironic

have a quiet word with ND mate, they'll give you a few tips

Godmars2902011d ago

Why should his stance come as a surprise? The man has always been a PC developer.

superrey192011d ago

Valve games never require a super pc though. In fact, its their ability to make such great looking, varied, and innovative games on a relatively old engine that make them such a good dev imo.

Ducky2010d ago

... which part of his words suggested that?

KMCROC542011d ago

I see his point & agree, but in the end he still seem like all wants to do is get Valve on consoles.

LewisDenby2011d ago

'Get Valve on consoles'? Valve have been making games for consoles for several years. Everything they release these days is multiplatform.

KMCROC542011d ago

Yes some of thier games have been on multiplat ,but i meant is that he want to bring steam or a way for console owners to have access to it . That's what my DumbA was trying to say .

SnakeCQC2011d ago

yes and most of them are to a high standard like the orange box on the ps3

Fishy Fingers2011d ago

Orange Box PS3, was ported by EA. Portal 2 was Valves first multiplat (Pc-PS3-360).

Fishy Fingers2011d ago

They already are, and if anything, they we're the ones dragging their feet, not the platform holders. Unless you mean, 'Steam' which is (in one for or another) on consoles too.

Gabe wants more freedom, a more open system to work on, he's been very vocal about this in the past. Open up the systems to peoples imagination/creativity, rather than, as a platform holder, think you know what is and what isnt best.

tehpees32011d ago

Sounds like he's a supporter of cross platform play like those I-Phone guys.