Warhawk: Omega Dawn Impressions

Coming in at essentially eight dollars ($7.99), the new pack will give you:

* A new map called "Omega Factory", and its 6 different layouts.
* A new aircraft called the KT-424 Combat Dropship.
* 5 new layouts for maps from the original game, taking advantage of the new aircraft.

Getting into a game that took advantage of this content was initially rough. It's no secret that exclusive content splinters the user base, so finding a full game with 31 others willing to shell out 8 bucks took me longer than I would have liked. Hopefully this is only a temporary problem, and with time more will pick it up, but one worth mentioning nonetheless.

If you've played Warhawk then you know it takes time to learn every nuance of a map, as they're quite large. This new Omega Factory is no different. It's a very dark (night time), industrial area, who's rocky surfaces are lined with giant pipelines. Two giant towers, only accessible by air, overlook the battlefield, giving the map a very vertical feel. I'm not going to pretend to know the map perfectly, but it seems to be equally balanced between air and ground combat zones. The new airship fits right at home here.

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ATLRoAcH3773d ago

But its taking awhile to get to know the map.Knowing the map is vital on Warhawk.The dropships are cool too but I can't get people to actually load one up.If it was loaded with six people shooting swarm missiles and carrying a tank with two in it.Maybe use it to pick up a 4x4 someone then catch the flag drop the 4x4 they get in,then you pick it up and haul ass.Some real strategy could be used with the drop ship.

EZCheez3773d ago

And then I blew them all up. Felt better than shooting a TOW.

The dropship is awesome, but the turret on the side is kind of weak, and I don't see too much purpose in having two different flight modes when they're both slow as hell. I know only one can use the turrets, but they could have simplified it by combining the two flight modes.

I'll shut up with my rant. I love the update and the new maps and vehicles are awesome.

gamesR4fun3773d ago

so far the dropships are pretty weak a AA missile and a tow and you got it...
best way is to get the lock form a distence with the aa launch chaff if they got a bunch of locks on ya then shut em down with the tow
also there is a weak point on the ship if you hit the tail it goes down even faster (3 tank rounds vs 5)

New map rocks feels a little cheap for 8 bucks (9.54 cnd w/tax) but if you like the game you'll get your moneys worth then some.

socomnick3772d ago

im confused its 8 dollars for one map If I were you guys id be infuriated that sony is trying to nickel and dime me for one map.

Skerj3772d ago

It's technically one new area with 5 different map variations. They scale and change depending on which gametype and user size you have. But I get what you mean, had it been any other game or just ONE map I'd have not purchased it. The dropship is awesome too.

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scrillakiller3773d ago

i love made the best online game even better

LinuxGuru3773d ago

I'll be picking up (downloading, the expansion tomorrow.

Look forward to it! Some of my PSN friend who have it already say it's really cool and the new ship adds a few new layers of strategy to the already excellent maps.

manloco3773d ago

can u play the new map on an official sony server?

Skerj3773d ago

Yes, the official Sony servers have been augmented with the new content. Of course there are still servers for people without the expansion as well.

BranWheatKillah3773d ago

GASP! You mean you had trouble getting a full game together using the new expansion content only hours after it came out?! NO WAY!

Ju3773d ago

Yeah, that was funny. LOL. But I think they might have sold quiet a few. Had a ton of red lights (actually almost every game!) before I downloaded it. Now, everything is green again :)

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The story is too old to be commented.