EA and Crytek working on new project

You guessed it: one of those tell-tale job listings has revealed brand new info on another secret project currently in the works at EA.

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LX-General-Kaos2223d ago

Thats very good to hear. Im sure that game good or bad is going to have nice crisp next gen graphics. It will most likely be Crysis 3 though.

DeadlyFire2223d ago

CryEngine 4 2012 reveal.
Crysis 3 2013 I am betting.

LX-General-Kaos2223d ago

I hope you are right. Im playing through Crysis 1 right now. Im glad im playing it late because my pc easily maxes it out. To have been able to do that in 2007 would have been a dream.

I plan on going through part 1 and 2 quickly so i hope 3 is on the way.

PastyGangster2223d ago

Crytek UK is developing Timesplitters 4.

Skate-AK2223d ago

Homefront2 is also being made by Crytek UK as it says in the article. Also Homefront 2 is going to be published by THQ not EA.

DeadlyFire2223d ago

THQ property. Publisher = THQ.

Skate-AK2223d ago

Most likely Crysis 3. Although a Crysis2 port for WiiU would be cool. I see a good chance for them to show off WiiU's panorama view. They could make it to where you look around in binoculars using the controller like this.

Also you could tap the screen to tag the enemies instead of using a button.

Mediocritysells7182223d ago

meh after crysis 2 ill pass. That game was not enjoyable2me at and def overated.

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