Fox News - The Best Video Games of the Year

Lou Kesten writes, "It has been a terrific year for video games, and boiling it down to a top 10 list was difficult. But here are the games I enjoyed the most in 2007."

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MK_Red3777d ago

Wow, pretty interesting to see Ratchet & Clank TOD at 2nd. BioShock is number one and that's more good enough for me and plus, it has Zack & Wiki. If only Assassin's Creed was, I'd have called it perfect.

ngg123453777d ago

One of the best games this gen. Top 10 easily.

MK_Red3777d ago

I know and agree that R&C TOD is an amazing game but 2nd seems a bit too much considering BioShock, COD4, ME, AC and few others are also really amazing.

ngg123453777d ago

I've been playing way too many games. And didn't think Assasin Creed was anything special, compared to cod4 (which had an average single player, but amazing multiplayer), bioshock, mass effect, smg, Uncharted, or R&C TOD. If I could just 3 games this year, it will be smg, r&c tod, and bioshock.

MK_Red3777d ago

I actually believe AC was a really impressive game and one of the 2007's bests but hey, we all have our opinions.
At least we both agree on BioShock :)

BrianC62343776d ago

I personally would give R&CF game of the year but being behind only Bioshock is great. Too bad it doesn't get all the hype like Bioshock and Super Mario Galaxy. It deserves much better sales than it's getting. I think most gamers think platformers are kid games now.

barom3776d ago

I love AC, finished it already. But because of its repetitive gameplay I wouldnt give it the game of the year. Not even top 10. I appreciate they took the free running to a whole other level but theres just wayyy too many flaws in AC to call it perfect.

AC got 3 huge cities, however they all play all the freakin same. There is no gameplay difference between the cities. Thats number one flaw. Other is the cities itself plays the same as well. There is no real difference between the rich and the poor district (except for some guy pushing you when you walk by in the poor district). There is little interaction with pretty much everything.

Combat is also bad, there is really not that many cool factors (like MKs fatality or God of Wars finishes). And almost ALL the assassinations is pretty much handled the same way. All i kept thinking was that on Hitman at least you could get some clothes and blend in and such or MGS3s camos. But no Altair has X button where you just hold your hands together.

I honestly dont think it deserves anything above 8/10. Great game, I had a hella fun time. But little to no variation. You can pretty much do only 3 things. Kill, climb and run.

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i_like_ff73777d ago

Yup agree 1. bioshock 2. R&C. Although COD4 should be higher.

FCOLitsjustagame3777d ago

Fair list but COD4 should be much higher.

Area_513777d ago

call of duty #7 i think it has to do with the war in Iraq they cant take the chance of getting hammered by the war haters therfore they must be PC i've seen this alot from top ten list from non gamers sites, i could be wrong but i dont think so, what do you guys think

P.S speaking of COD4 I dont mind if i do see you guys online

davez823777d ago

first of these lists I agree with, cod4 that low, not sure about that but its a good list, this guy knows his games.

BLACKJACK VII3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Ps3 guys wouldnt you put Uncharted or Warhawk ahead of R&C ???

Not a bad list. COD4 should definately be higher (#3 or #4 at least) & I would have to put Mass Effect at the #1 spot, just for me personally. Bioshock is an incredible game, lol, i wish i could erase it & M.E. from my memory & do 'em again ! And yeah, I'd throw AC a bone & give it #10 = best climbing mechanic ever seen in a videogame + very cool swordplay. I just wish they had fleshed it out alittle more & lol, borrowed a writer from Bioware !

BrianC62343776d ago

"Ps3 guys wouldnt you put Uncharted or Warhawk ahead of R&C ???"

Why? I give R&CF my game of the year. Uncharted and Warhawk are good too but R&CF just seems a little better. Too bad most people seem to think platformers are too kiddie to play. We need more platformers. It seems like now everything is FPS's.

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