Will a Female Be the Lead Character in Grand Theft Auto V?

The video game industry has an annual revenue of over $25 billion. One largely anticipated game set to be released in 2012 is Grand Theft Auto V (date yet unannounced), and it assuredly will not disappoint. One reason game forums await the release of GTA V is to find out if the male protagonist streak will be broken.

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jaosobno2252d ago

Judging by the trailer, not likely. There was a male voiceover and absolutely no hints about female lead.

NukaCola2252d ago

Who knows. If they did that, I really would love Pam Grier as the lead character. She's is probably the baddest mutha lady in films. I can see her in a 70s era GTA in San Andreas. But since they are going modern with probably Hollywood themes, and west coast issue, who knows.

Still holding out for a GTA in the winter, in the Detroit region. I want the Arabs, Canadians, the countryside, the city. The snow! Christmas! It would be really awesome..1!!

Rashonality2252d ago

Prefer Male Characters for my shooters and Female Characters for my Fantasy needs.

Skate-AK2252d ago

I honestly don't think that they would ever make a female the lead. Unless its a dual story where you can choose Male or Felmale both with complete stories.

DeadManMcCarthy2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

if there is multiple protagonists then rockstar should let one of them be a female.

but i prefer male protagonists, most gta players are male and won't be able to relate to a female protagonist.

all of the past gta characters were easy to relate to because they had male problems.

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The story is too old to be commented.