MotorStorm RC Review (PS3/PS Vita)

TSA: "I’m already in first place, seven other buggies at least half a lap behind with another whole lap to go. In any other game, you’d be left with dodgy rubberbanding AI or a cheap promise of a throwaway trophy to keep up the interest levels as you career around the few remaining corners. In MotorStorm RC, Evolution’s side project and PS Vita launch title, there’s the simple but wonderfully potent threat of the rest of the world."

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TheMrMadzen2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Day 1 buy. Looks amazing and will probably be as addicting, if not more, as the old Micro-Machine games!

MasterCornholio2343d ago

I was a huge fan of the old Micro Machine games on the PSX which is why I am going to have to try this title out. I am pretty impressed with the diversity of the Vitas library.


badz1492342d ago

When will I be able to play this? I was interested since the 1st time I saw the trailer

wastedcells2342d ago

Vita is the best thing since the GBA.