The Women of Electronic Arts

GA writes: "It’s great to see Electronic Arts (EA) do a video showcasing women talking about what it’s like working at EA. The women featured in the video below are in a variety of positions and showcase the diversity at EA. Hopefully the video is inspiring to young women considering a career in games.

Enjoy this look at what it’s like working at EA. "

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gypsygib2316d ago

I don't want to say anything mean or inappropriate because they seem like decent people but this isn't meant to PR their hotness right? Because, for the for most of them, that isn't happening.

Why was this made? What is it meant to accomplish? What's the message?


LightofDarkness2316d ago

The website is Gaming Angels, they seem to have a gender focus. Which is not a bad thing, I feel that the women who REALLY work in the industry often go unnoticed because they're not considered "hot".

And if the complete MORONS on "The Tester" are what people want females in the industry to be like or if that's the kind of women being attracted to the industry, then this website is needed now more than ever :p

Kurt Russell2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I think most people go unnoticed in the industry you'll find... Just a little name among thousands in the credits of a game... Women deserve to be equally as forgotten :D

LightofDarkness2316d ago

Haha, that is also somewhat true. It seems like anyone who's involved in the actual coding and technical development of a game are disposable heroes. Having spoken with a number of such people, they're much happier taking a corporate 9-5 job than taking another job at a development house. 10-14 hour days with no overtime, crappy pay, nil respect from management and laughable job security; almost everyone is fired once the game is done.

I've often toyed with the idea of going for such a position, but my conversations with these people have convinced me otherwise.

sllshrm2316d ago

WTH are u talking about?

I'm about to enter that region @[email protected]

Rashonality2316d ago

you can't talk about women in gaming industry without mentioning Amy Hennig, she's one of the best game developers out there...PERIOD.

Pozzle2316d ago

It's sad how many articles about women in the gaming industry ignore Amy Hennig because she isn't traditionally attractive or young. IMO she's one of the most inspirational people (male or female) in the entire industry, and she deserves more recognition than what she gets.

Rashonality2316d ago

exactly, but like everything good in this sick world of ours, if it doesn't sell then it's not worth mentioning.

MidnytRain2316d ago

Amy accepted the Writers Guild of America award for Videogame Writing on Sunday for her work on UC3.