Joystiq's significant others name Guitar Hero III game of the year

Via Joystiq:

"Our exhaustively debated, occasionally pretentious list of the year's top games will be on the way soon, but we wanted to try something a little different to whet your appetite. We polled our wives, girlfriends and boyfriends (all of whom fall somewhere between casual and medium on the hardcore gaming spectrum) and asked them to choose their favorite games of the year.

We opted to be more casual with this list, allowing games that may not have been released in 2007 as long as the significant other in question spent most of their time with them this year. So, it's without further ado that we present the top five..."

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MK_Red3645d ago

Wow, pretty good. Glad to see a real game like BioShock made it to the top 5 of some casuals and non-hardcores.

Cat3645d ago

non-hardcores?!?! MK Red, if you haven't played Rock Band for 8 hours straight, you haven't lived!! ;)

Twizlex3645d ago

Joystiq's significant others have poor taste. How can "casual" gamers think that the hardest/least fun music game EVER is the best game of the year? Pure silliness.