Push-Start Opinion Piece: The cost of GAMEing

Thomas Writes: Over the past few months, there have been growing concerns that the high street games specialist GAME was in financial trouble. This turned out to be more than just a rumour as there was a huge mataphorical fire to substantiate all the smoke. GAME had run in to financial troubles, and had lost the backing of their lenders. I’ll leave the financial breakdown to the brokers and financiers, but having struck another deal they’re in the clear…for now.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2165d ago

There always seems to be at least one or two people in GAME at any one time so I really don't understand how it is that these stores struggle.

Putting prices different in the stores than in their online shops is obviously not helping though, it's something that all stores do for some reason. A couple of years ago I wanted to get some dream theater CDs and HMV was my port of call. I checked in the store and they were selling the CDs between £10-17 whereas online they were between £4-6. It's a stupid policy which is obviosly costing stores.

FlashXIII2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Cant say I'm surprised.. the people who own GAME also own gamestation right? As a gamer I never shopped in GAME.. worst second hand prices, worst trade in values and the shop used to have a very formal feel as opposed to a shop for gamers.

Now I always used to shop in gamestation..felt more like a shop where gamers could go in with a far more informal approach however in the last few years it's gotten a lot worse. With high street shop sales declining I've started trying to use them again whenever possible however everytime you go in there they ask if you want extra controllers/guides etc and if you wanna preorder shit.. why can't I just buy what I want and not get bothered with other stuff? Last time I went in they even had the audacity to ask for my email address too.. needlessly to say that was the last time I went in there and can't see myself going there again.

deep_fried_bum_cake2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

In my experience GAME has some of the best trade in values, I remember trading in a game to gamestation and I got a pittance. GAMEs trade in prices are not good but they aren't the worst.

MGRogue20172165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

I always buy all of my games on online sites like (the best, free next day delivery & usually always the cheapest), Amazon, Play & eBay nowadays.. I honestly see no reason to purchase at a games shop on the high-street because online is always cheaper.. unless of course, I need the game in my posession on the same day for whatever reason.

If I can find any title cheaper online, then I shall buy it online with no hesitation. If GAME or GameStation & other high street games shops wish to compete.. & still alive, they'd need to be cheaper than the likes of & other online marketplace sites like Play & Amazon.

dark-hollow2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

I don't know all the hoopla about GAME.

Actually they got pretty good deals.

I got second hand dead space 1&2 and halo reach for £12 only.

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