Jay Button: The best live-action game commercials

Matt Jay: "Advertising can make or break a product. A bad commercial can kill a new game release. Namco’s recent debacle of an ad campaign for Soul Calibur V has managed to alienate and make a large part of their fanbase uncomfortable. This is piled onto criticism that their characters have been oversexed more and more with each iteration in the SC franchise. Or you may remember PSP’s “cheese you can listen to outside” era in advertising. Or the racist billboards they put up in Europe. Or that annoying kid from Role Models. On the contrary, a good ad can really excite prospective players and encourage them to plop down their hard-earned cash on a title."

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jony_dols2006d ago

How about True Crime: Hong Kong 'Sleeping Dogs' live-action trailer?

Lex_Dangerously 2006d ago

Lol I had forgotten about that fantastic Smash Brothers commercial. One of, if not THE best to me....