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For Nintendo 3DS owners pining for a ‘proper’ JRPG, Tales of the Abyss is your savior- delivering a gratifying adventure elevated by a remarkably engaging combat system.

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CharmingMan2254d ago

Better score that most sites. Good review.

RaptorMan2254d ago

How much is this selling for? $40? Any deals?

madmad2254d ago

Great PS2 game and a pretty good 3DS port. Sounds cool.

mediastudies2254d ago

I always heard that Tales games are some of the best JRPGs, good stories and fun combat.

BldyShdw2254d ago

Tales of the abyss is awesome and Tales of Graces F is coming out next month on ps3 :)

rexbolt2254d ago

all is good but the story XD

Kamikaze1352254d ago

The stories are a bit generic and have a lot of cliches, but I find a charm in that.

ThePsychoGamer2254d ago

The series is a mixed bag, you got the good ones like Symphonia and Vesperia, generic ones like Worlds and Symphonia 2, and bad ones like Legendia and Abyss.

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sharpsword2254d ago

So did the cut anything out from the PS2 version?

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