Activision, Call of Duty Fans Deserve A New Engine

Velocity Gamer asks why it's been so long since we've had a completely new system for the Call of Duty franchise. Click the link to see why!

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Orpheus2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

COD fans deserve nothing preceded by the word "new". LOLZ !!!

Orpheus2005d ago

They will always be happy to hand their money to EA no matter what and every time breaking the previous record :P

KwietStorm2004d ago

Wow, you are a grade-A dumbass.

jizzyjones2004d ago

Epic Fail, can't even Troll Activison properly.

deep_fried_bum_cake2004d ago

I think that EA deserve my money for making the excellent Call of Duty franchise. I'd never give Activision my money though, their game franchises are awful, who would want to play Battlefield and FIFA.

Legionaire20052004d ago

Sh*t at least EA, well except for their Madden series, made a brand new engine for Battlefield 3 with Frostbite 2.0!!! Call of Duty has been the same game since Call of Duty Modern Warfare(2007). Yet people still play it.

SuperK2004d ago

@ Orpheus. Epic fail comment.

jeseth2004d ago

I think he was think about Battlefield ... seeing as how there is at least one Battlefield release a year.

Back under the bridge please Orpheus!

Boody-Bandit2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Me thinks Orpheus is confused or completely lost. EA?

On topic:
You deserve nothing! We will serve you cow dung soaked in raw sewage on a rusty skewering rod with a side order or monkey feces with cat urine dipping sauce and you mindless drone idiots will thank us for it.

Bobby Kotick

^That is Koticks mindset and 10's of millions of consumers prove him correct year after year, DLC release after DLC release. They will give the consumer a product that cost as little $$$ to make as possible. Sink the biggest portion of their budget into marketing it and the fans will line up like sheep to the slaughter while Kotick and Activision share holders laugh their asses off all the way to the bank.

morganfell2004d ago

I do not like Call of Duty any more than others posting here. But too many people in this thread are part of the problem. Is a new engine really the issue with CoD?

Instead of worrying first about how the game looks you should be concerned about the play mechanics. The article discusses dedicated servers. What does that have to do with a new engine? A new engine will not engender dedicated servers.

The author never justifies why a new engine will make the game better. Quite frankly the engine looks good enough to do the job. That isn't the main issue with CoD. If CoD were running Frostbite 2.0 with dedicated servers would it suddenly be the greatest thing since sliced bread? Hardly.

The writer is a CoD fan and obviously sees nothing wrong with the game mechanics or the play structure. And that is the real problem.

My issue isn't with CoD per se. It is with all of the companies spending millions of dollars and developer effort building CoD clones. Money that could have been better resourced.

Boody-Bandit2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

And this guy ^ (morganfell) has 1 bubble. Just goes to show N4G's rating system is more broken than any game developed this generation.

kparks2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Agreed with most others not really a problem graphically... My problems with mw3 are as follows... The constant lag. The piss poor map design u can tell they didn't even try with the maps that's why there is 50+ broke down cars in every damn map. The shading in the game is crap every thing is gray and blends in.. to many corners to camp in everything blows up spontaneously. Javilens flying everywhere rpg's flying everywhere noobtubes flying well... Everywhere if ur playing a game like search and the guy with the bomb dies in front of u good luck trying to shoot back cuz there is a big ass upsidedown gold triangle that says BOMB right in the middle of ur screen obstructing ur view while the guy u can't see is strafing back and forth 100mph using stalker pro that perk needs to be removed .. if there one thing BLOPS got right its the tubes being countered by blast shield and the snipers.. blast shield in mw3 is the most garbage worthless perk I've ever seen take it out or boost it big time. O yea the hit detection is crap also.. put them all togeather and u get a garbage game my dumb ass spent 100bucks for. O yea how could I forget the elite website that has been running for 3 months had hundreds of thousands ppl pay good money for it and STILL DON'T WORK RIGHT AND NO CLAN OPS ... End rant

AzaziL2004d ago

Brand new engine? You mean the one they used for Bad Company 2 with the same four classes, re-textured and re-packaged as '3' with less destruction.

I love Battlefield but I have to call it like it is...

Bottom-line, those that think EA is better then Activision or visa versa are kidding themselves.

ChiVoLok02004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

By EA he meant "Effin' Activision", right?

J_Cob2003d ago

Help give morganfell some bubbles N4G community.

Gaming1012003d ago

Why spend tons of money on a new game engine with a ton of glitches that will take years to iron out, when you have a perfectly capable and smooth game engine that millions of people buy into every year? You won't see a change in the game engine unless gamers stop buying Call of Duty, which I don't see happening. The next generation you'll see the same engine just upgraded, don't expect anything different from Activision, they're pressured to make massive profits and you don't do that by taking out what people are buying into and starting out with something you have no idea will work, its just safe and risk-averse business practice.

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meetajhu2004d ago

I suggest activision to go beg idsoftware for idtech5. Still activision has doom 3 engine(idtech4) with them

Oschino19072004d ago

I agree and they have the money to pay for it but COD def doesn't use the idTech4 engine, it uses a heavily modified idTech3. idTech4 is only just recently became availible publically to outside developers when RAGE released.

These are only games to use idTech4

Doom 3 (2004) – id Software
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (2005) – Nerve Software
Quake 4 (2005) – Raven Software
Prey (2006) – Human Head Studios
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (2007) – Splash Damage
Wolfenstein (2009) – Raven Software
Brink (2011) – Splash Damage

Ramses32004d ago

I think a new engine would be good, it could at least make the game better and draw new players. As much as everyone hates on COD, enough people play it that they deserve some new stuff..

Crazyglues2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Weather they need it or just want it, really doesn't matter because they ain't getting it..

Activision is not done milking the franchise yet.. so Black-Ops 2 will be the same old engine regardless of what they tell you.... Can you blame them, you guys are buying the game like hotcakes every year regardless of if it's good or not..

(So why would they do a new engine when MW3 uses the same old one and it sold over 25 million copies..)


vortis2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

What's worse is that someone disagreed with you, meaning they think that it's justified to pay $60 for what's essentially an expansion pack.

Aside from the voiceover work, a talented group of 5 modders could actually churn out the same kind of content for Call of Duty each year within the same time frame if they had access to the assets and engine specs.

In fact, there are more impressive Unreal Tournament mods out there than what we've been given with MW2, MW3, Black ops and of course, what we're going to get in Black Ops 2. They'll essentially add in content that was removed from MW3 that was in previous Call of Duty games and people will praise it like it's the second coming.

chriski3332004d ago

Wow really? Activision knows how to make a great MP? yea since 05 they can't balance out the glitches hacks and unbalanced guns even with year after year copy and paste cod still isn't fixed

SSultan2004d ago

Even when people are well aware of a troll they still bite.

FlameBaitGod2003d ago

IMO we should be able to sue them, we make them rich(over 20 mil copies sold) and they cant even provide dedicated servers, fix the same bugs that have been since cod:waw, make anti cheat software for pc cheaters(UT2k4 has it and its what? 8 years old), fking add a kick vote option, new animations or make a new engine. They are a bunch of lazy asses and greedy too

Nitrox2003d ago

Sorry, but I disagree. You can't fault a company for selling a product that people want. Personally if I were to piss in a bottle, label it lemonade, and have people lining up by the millions to buy it, that's exactly what I'd do. That's what Activision does, why change the formula of a product that people go nuckin futz over?

No need to sue anyone, if you don't like the game, don't buy it. That's the ONLY way you'll ever see innovation in the COD series...

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crazypicklemonkey2005d ago

call of duty fans deserve what there getting.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2004d ago

Yep. Fun addicting gameplay. And great times partying up with your clan, and enjoying a night of the most polished FPS on consoles.

Cheers to that!

cpayne932004d ago

The most polished fps on console? Fun addicting gameplay? I can't understand how some people like cod so much. The gameplay is so repetitive I get bored really quick. I have a friend who owns all of the past five cods, and I can't imagine spending that much money on cod alone. I don't like shooters that much anyway, but cod is one of the lowest shooters imo. I would put Killzone, Battlefield, Resistance, and Halo all above cod. The only thing worthwile for cod is the local multiplayer.

I mean no offense to anyone who likes cod, its just an opinion.

-MD-2004d ago

It's "fun" and "addicting" to them because it takes absolutely no effort to be good at it and it makes otherwise mediocre players feel empowered.

Also the only reason it's even remotely "polished" is because they've been releasing the same game since 2007.

jeseth2004d ago

Whose Kool Aid are you guys drinking?

EVERY FPS game is repetitive. Its funny how you can hate and criticize COD for something but put your blinders on when it comes to BF or KZ or Halo, etc.

You can hate on COD for being so fast paced and "arcady", but then I could say BF is fool of camping Snipers and pu$$ies that jump in the nearest vehicle they can find and hide behind a Jet or Tank.

At least COD is 60FPS and hast super slick controls. COD is a very polished game. I agree it needs a graphical facelift but I'm amazed how some franchises get a pass and COD gets all the hate.

Worst part is, all that hate does nothing but take up your time. You aren't changing anyone's mind. We N4G gamers are the minority of the gaming demographic.

Marked2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )


"At least COD is 60FPS and hast super slick controls. COD is a very polished game. I agree it needs a graphical facelift but I'm amazed how some franchises get a pass and COD gets all the hate"

All the hate LOL.....-_- you're serious arent you ?

Look at the review scores.....This franchise gets more love then it deserves and it is only because of its commercial value. Many reveiw sites are fanatics also. The story is complete nonsence, so for me the 60$ tag is for yearly DLC.

Now if you have time between frothing over a frohawk....the user reviews on any site in the WWW will show just how feed up gamers are...not just N4g.

I think youre just silly and peolpe like yourself make it very easy for a company like activision to make billions with a complete lack of creative development through all their games.

PetitPiPi2004d ago

"It's "fun" and "addicting" to them because it takes absolutely no effort to be good at it and it makes otherwise mediocre players feel empowered"

This must be a joke. I am far from the biggest COD fan but just because you said the game takes no effort to be good i would love you to join one of our private matches and show those mad skills of yours. I see you rage quiting in 10-15 minutes.

jeseth2004d ago

@ Marked,

I appreciate the personal attack. Didn't know you were so sensitive.

I could care less which game sells more. KZ2 had one of the best MPs this gen but nobody really supported it. I think BF3 is great but more of my friends play COD so thats what I play. You know, because games are meant to be fun .... a good time to have with your friends! Did you forget that? Or are you too busy counting Pixels and FPS (Oh, wait ... you wouldn't look at FPS because it doesn't support your arguments).

COD gets high marks from reviewers ... because ... wait for it, ITS A GOOD GAME! Especially when compared to its competition. And the recycled DLC argument is old and pretty weak. Each FPS is a gradual successor of its predecessor. BF3 is basically the next in line from BFBC2 (even though its actually the sequel of BF2) considering the way the game looks, plays, and engine (1.5 to 2.0). KZ3 to KZ2, R3 to R2, etc. COD adds new content to every game but you just blindly use the way the game looks to make your argument. Which only makes you look like a blind hater.

I play all kinds of games from all kinds of genre's and as I watch you all hate on COD I wonder how much you really play games because games like COD are rare in their completeness. I also believe that the reason COD has "gone down" from the first MW is because Activision/Infinity Ward listens to their fan base too much.

But in the end, games are just meant as a fun way to spend time, not meet your personal agendas. Give it a rest man and have fun. Pixel counting gets you nowhere.