Crysis 3: What we want to see

CVG- "It's been almost a year since Crysis 2 hit PC and consoles, and to be honest, we're starting to miss having a little voice in our ears constantly telling us how we're so much better than everything else that ever existed.

So since EA hasn't announced something concrete we though we'd take the opportunity to list what we'd like to see."

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dedicatedtogamers2163d ago

I want a return to the way Crysis and Warhead were. Crysis 2 was a stillbirth on PC. Crysis is a 5-year-old game with better graphics (with mods) than Crysis 2 and it is still a benchmark for gaming PCs.

Orpheus2163d ago

Agreed. Another consolized game like Crysis 2 is what I don't want to see.

SnakeCQC2163d ago

its a bench mark game because it was badly and inefficiently coded which is why its still a benchmark game; as its extremely demanding. Crysis 2 looks sooo much better than crysis 1 and was far more successful and was better coded.

ninjahunter2163d ago

Crysis 2 DX11 is about as well coded, and developed as the original crysis.

ATi_Elite2163d ago

1. DX11 from the ground up with NO DX9 support.

2. Bring back the Sandbox. I hate linear games. I wanna be able to attack an objective how i see fit like Crysis did so well.

3. Bring back the suit menu. I love being able to switch from speed to cloak to strength on the fly and changing my game play style instantly thus making the game play different every time out.

4. Try to break a PC's CPU with better enemy A.I. and make graphics that would make BF3 look like an Atari game. This is how Crytek got it's fame with FarCry so get back to basics.

5. Return to the dam Island. Games played in New York are so stupid now a days. You can drop a Nuke on the island or something to add different terrain but killing Aliens in teh city is so CLICHE!

6. Make it better than Crysis and if that's too hard then just remake Crysis with some minor changes and improvements.

FarCry and Crysis had PC Gamers in love with Crytek but now a days Crytek is just a whore with gonorrhea.

KeiserSosay47882163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

How about the option to go prone maybe? Geez, never seen a game become so CODisized in my life! The campaign was cool, but no DX11 at launch and removal of key features in the first game REALLY turned me off. Also, no peek and lean?!?!? just a LAME cover system.

SnakeCQC2163d ago

there was peek and lean

KeiserSosay47882163d ago

Umm...the "Q" and "E" keys did not lean left and right

ninjahunter2163d ago

Not to mention, and Crytek said this themselves, that the DX11 release was Pretty broken due to the way the game was developed for consoles. Tessellation and Water namely were almost completely broken.

dazzrazz2163d ago

Crysis 2 multiplayer part on 360 was a biggest joke I ever saw from such a big studio. It was a day one mess quickly abandoned by Crytek, guess they realized putting out $40k patches wont fix horrible netcode

BattleAxe2163d ago

I would like to see a Crysis 3 that doesn't use GameSpy.

ninjahunter2163d ago

How bout brining back the PC focus, and what made the original crysis a fun game. Bring back the crysis multiplayer. Loved the "fortress" style gameplay, Loved the complete weapon modding, Loved the weapons, Loved the adaptability, personal choice in play styles, VEHICLES, the alien ship and snow levels, Loved the sandbox, loved the aliens, Loved the characters, the speed mode, the enviroments, the views, And i definatelly liked My FOV above 45. I cant say a single one of those things about crysis 2. The only thing i liked about crysis 2 OVER crysis is that the controls were easier on demand.

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