EDGE: Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D looks better than the HD version

EDGE magazine claims that the HD version of MGS: Snake Eater (in the collection) doesn't look as good as the 3DS port.

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Optical_Matrix2070d ago

The polish is greater on the HD ports being at a higher resolution and with better aliasing. However they probably mean certain things in the 3DS version have been done better because, despite what some people say, MGS 3D is actually a remake, not a port. That said, I tried the demo and I still can't stand using the face buttons for the camera, so I'll wait for the HD Collection to his PS Vita.

RedDead2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

3D...better textures and graphics, HD is just higher res, it's personal preference here. Due you want smooth or looks
Honestly I'd prolly choose the HD version. Sticks etc

Yeah same baka, i'd prefer the smooth to the better ...other stuff, Jaggies can really ruin stuff, plus it's on a tiny screen. BUT...3d version also has MGS4's combat mechanics or something doesn't it? Although it doesn't have an extra stick..

Baka-akaB2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

in this case i prefer smooth , along other mgs titles and the better default controls .

The original was already great looking enough and "only" needing the hd treatment

Hisiru2070d ago

I don't know. I want the HD collection because it has trophies for Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and probably peace walker (I am in love with the trophy system, I don't care about the HD graphics), but I also want the 3D experience and I already finished Metal Gear Solid 2 and Peace Walker, so it's a hard decision for me.

Diver2070d ago

record video from the HD versions then display it on a DS size screen and it looks mind blowing. now blow up the 3ds version on a 55 inch screen and you'll bite your own eyes out.

Hisiru2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Why would you be stupid enough to do something like that? Why would I play the 3DS version (portable version) on a HDTV and play the console version on a portable?

Doesn't make any sense. The article is comparing both games as they are originaly played.

morganfell2070d ago

I believe you are missing Diver's point. Small screens can be deceptive as regards visual quality.

Darkfocus2070d ago

Having played the demo earlier today I'd have to say it actually looks worse than the ps2 looks nothing like the videos they showed off a while ago and it has framerate problems too... the textures are horrible because it has no anistropic filtering at all they stay a blurry mess until their right at your feet...and jaggies jaggies everywhere...RE revelations is a much better graphical showcase for 3DS...

KwietStorm2070d ago

I want the version I can play on a big HD screen with a full controller. Worrying about a jagged edge here and there or possibly slightly smoother textures in a last generation game is nitpicking at best.

badz1492070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

but I play my MGS collection all in 3D too on my PS3 and 51" plasma! maybe not native, but still in 3D!

Kevin ButIer2070d ago

Who cares... as long as I can play this masterpiece in my hdtv or in the bus... who cares

hay2070d ago

I prefer both. MGS collection is 3D ready, and can be played on PS3. Win-win.

MaxXAttaxX2070d ago

Side by side the HD versions(in HD resolution) it would not look as good.

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Darkfocus2070d ago

you can use the circle pad pro for the camera if you've got one.

nikola9872070d ago

They should have added option to aim using gyroscope or with stylus like in DS era.

SilentNegotiator2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Spend more money to make the system less portable and worry about a SECONDARY battery (supposed 480 hours or not (Probably only in tests conducted with a AAA battery crafted in gold by GOD), it's a second battery to worry about)? No thanks. They should have had a second circle pad just like the psp should have. Capping your system's potential (for STANDARDIZED good controls that don't compromise for those using the lesser controls) with a mistake that was made LAST generation? Not good.

And minor improvements to everything but the most important thing (control) and headache inducing 3D.....or THREE MGS games in HD, with trophies, and with better controls? Hmmm....that's a tough one. Not.

blumatt2070d ago

Yeah, Nintendo really should have learned from the mistake Sony made with the PSP not having a second analog stick. But, alas, they came out with an add-on that itself needs its own power source. Just bad foresight and not learning from the competitor's mistakes (Sony). Oh well though.

CarlitoBrigante2070d ago

I'll go for the PS3 version

5 games for the price of 1 3DS game, yeah great deal! Plus trophies too and the PlayStation controller everybody is used to.

Colwyn2070d ago

LOL.i love the hypocrisy among the people on this site.

i dont even have to see the 3ds version to know that the hd versions of mgs 3 are the superior versions.such blatantly sensational headline from edge wont get mass admonishment but if "the hip hop gamer " had said this, people would be preparing kerosene oil to burn his house down and stone him.

to each his own but edge is rubbish. theyll give high score ratings to rubbish games and mark down scores for high quality hd console releases almost as if its done purposely to insite a mob.

ohh yeah, colleen doesnt mind disagrees because most things spoken of are facts or based in facts but can conjure up anger in fanatics. 3ds is an unfinished system and is seen as a waste of time to me because the vita can do everything better.

Kingdom Come2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

I don't even read your comments anymore, you're the biggest Sony Fanboy on this site. I actually remember you naming the next generation "PS4ever". Regardless of whether EDGE are right or wrong, you're comments are innevitably going to be in denial of anything Playstation Negative. That's what I love about being a multiple console owner, I can agree to the negatives and positives of each console whilst admittedly having one I divide more of my gaming time towards, where as fanboys, as they haven't purchased the other console, they are in denial of it's positive attributes...

"edge is rubbish. theyll give high score ratings to rubbish games and mark down scores for high quality hd console releases almost as if its done purposely to insite a mob."

So, I guess you didn't agree with te 9/10 for Uncharted 3, and as for this months issue (I subscribe to Edge):

Star Wars: The Old Republic - 8
Uncharted: Golden Abyss - 7
The Darkness II - 7
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 6
Never Dead - 7
Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater - 8
Haunt - 5

The majority of those reviews, to me, seem more than fair.

Baka-akaB2070d ago

don't bother ... his ilk shame all decent ps fans with his inanity .

He's the kind of fool that was trolling soulCalibur V "because he'd rather wait for god of War 4" .

You just can't win against that

Kingdom Come2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

@ Knushwood

Hence why I said, "The Majority", and not the entirety. Although, Never Dead's reviews have been extremely mixed, many consider the game to be horrendous, whilst others, despite it's flaws, praise the title for it's originality in certain aspects and it's intriguing concept. Also, the game wasn't subject to hype, or at least a vast amount, making the game less likely to be considered a disappointment or for it to fall short of expectations, like many have considered Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning to do despite many others finding the game to be a fantastic and brilliantlly executed experience... I mean are you really going to call them terrible reviewers for being harsh and for your disagreement with one score?

@ Baka
Precisely, "gamers" (and I use that term loosely for trolls such as them) like Colwyn give a bad name to the industry, they belittle other titles due to their desperation for their exclusives to be the superior title. And on occasions they aren't, they refuse to believe it and persist in their unnecessary and pointless defense of the title, despite them recieving no reward or respect for doing so...

Abriael2070d ago

@kingdom come:

Star Wars: The Old Republic - 8 - too low
Uncharted: Golden Abyss - 7 - WAY too low
The Darkness II - 7 - too low
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 6 - WAY too low
Never Dead - 7 - too high
Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater - 8 - too high
Haunt - 5 - Didn't try it.

As usual Edge's scores are all over the place, as their editorial content and basically everything they write.

Being a subscriber of that trash isn't honestly something I'd boast about.

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BlindGuardian2070d ago

absolutley wrong

the demo on the 3DS is vastly inferior looking to the PS3 HD port

StraightPath2070d ago

last comparison done yes the 3DS version was better..hd version just a port in higher res..

Knushwood Butt2070d ago

For all the people saying this is a remake, could someone point out all the changes please?

TheDivine2070d ago

Only thing i noticed in the demo is 3d, aiming like peace walker (4 dots like a crosshair), Crouch walking, some gyro stuff here and there, inventory mapped to touchscreen, seemed to have some new art and thats about it. I only played the demo but the game seemed to be pretty much the same except for a few new mechanics from peace walker. I was hoping for a real remake where it had some new areas, enemies, new online maps or some other cool additions for fans of the game. Its awesome but if you just played it maybe wait or pass it up. Il get it cause mgs3 in 3d on the go rocks but i might wait till its 15 or 20 bucks.

ozstar2070d ago

First Post is about Vita

Abriael2070d ago

My what a failure Edge.

I had some hands on time at a Nintendo event a few days ago and the game looks good for a Nintendo 3DS game, but really, really bad overall. It was evidently created for a large screen, and it wasn't reworked enough for the small screen of the 3DS, and it really suffer from the low resolution.

Lemme tell you an interesting anecdote. During most of the event I pretty much igored MGS. There isn't much to preview in a remake, and I had The Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Kid Icarus to gets my hands on. Much more juicy titles.

Anyway, at the end I had some time left and I checked it out. I had noticed tat the journalists that tried it before me were making weird faces. I go check out both units that were running it, and they were both still in the very first map where you hate to find the backpack after parachuting. No one managed to find the damn backpack in three hours and a half.

I remembered about it, so I managed to find it, but it took me 15 minutes camming around to find that thing that was three pixels wide and green in between foliage.

I continued into the game and realized that playing it is a pain, because the models of basically everything of notice (enemies, drops and what not) were too small and lacked any kind of definition, so they blended into the jungle too much. in MGS 3D you'll not be the one sneaking. It'll be mostly the enemy sneaking on you, because you can't see them,

And let's not even get into the controls. The choice of controlling the camera with the ABXY buttons is the climax of a failure, probably the worst MGS game ever, control wise.

So no, Edge needs better glasses, and thick ones.

Colwyn2069d ago

thank you for what seems like your honesty sir. most fanatics dont think and are quick to apologize for bad games or bad decisions made by their favourite game company.

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extermin8or2070d ago

3DS version is a remake HD version is a remastered port so I'd expect 3DS version to look better.....

Kamikaze1352070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Too bad it runs at a lower resolution, full of jaggies, has an inconsistent framerate, and doesn't control as smoothly on the 3DS. Btw, I'm very disappointed. I wanted to buy this game and have been looking forward to it ever since that awesome trailer shown when it was revealed. I'll probably get it anyway once the price goes down.

smashcrashbash2070d ago

Yeah, they conveniently left out those facts.

Venox20082070d ago

there's a chance that final version will be smoother than demo.. I hope so :)

Kamikaze1352070d ago

There isn't. People have already gotten their copy early and mentioned that the demo reflects the final build, unfortunately.

ronin4life2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

I haven't heard anything of the sort, nor can I find such things being said.
The only place that I know that actually has a final build and is talking about it is edge. (And after checking MC, Nintendo Power, who gave it a 9.)
What do you mean by "smoother"? Frame rate or "jaggies"?

ozstar2070d ago

Edge gave it an 8.
Thats all i need to know.

Pozzle2070d ago

Wasn't the 3DS version a complete remake from the ground up? That probably explains why it looks a bit better, then.

DeleteThisxx2070d ago

And the HD collection PLAYS better