Buy 2 Select Vita Games and Get 1 Free at GameStop

There is nothing worse than having a shiny new system, and nothing to play on it. GameStop has a solution for this problem. Buy two Playstation Vita games from a select group and you can get a third game for free. There are only five games to choose from, but the list is a good one.

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hellztourguide4202217d ago

It still doesn't beat Target which has buy 2 get 1 free on ALL Vita games...not to mention they are gonna throw in a free 4gb memory card with the purchase of a wi-fi system. Too bad Gamestop doesnt price match cuz i would like to support them, but i gotta do what i gotta do.

evercast2217d ago

Where is this at. I went to 3 targets today. None of them had this sell going on and the only game that any of them had in stock was Dungeon Hunters.

Ethereal2217d ago

damn that is tempting....

danny8182217d ago

and when does this deal start?

teedogg802217d ago

It started today. Kinda sucks for me because I bought two of the elegible games the other day. If I had waited a few more days I could have got a free freakin game. Thanks a lot Gamestop :(

evercast2217d ago

Go back Teedogg most gamestops should let you return and rebuy them especially since you did it so recently just take your receipt.

danny8182217d ago

lol it does i stopped by and picked up my games and accessories :)

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