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Resident Evil Fans Care More About Gameplay, According To Survey

Survey suggests most Resident Evil fans care more about gameplay and less about suspense. (3DS, PC, PS3, Resident Evil, Xbox 360)

Pozzle  +   1328d ago
1. WTF. Most of those options were crappy anyway. Who the hell plays RE games to "Be a hero", have "short play periods", or for a "fantasy life"?? D:

2. "Suspense and tension" sounds ok. But having "horror" or "survival horror" as an option would have made more sense. More people probably would have chosen it as an option then, too.

3. "Out of the 6,775 users who participated in the survey only 1,147 stated they had played a Resident Evil Game in the last 6 months."
- I wouldn't be surprised if a large portion of those surveyed haven't played anything before RE4/RE5. Heck, just take a look at official Resident Evil facebook pages alone (which have tens of thousands of fans each)... There are a LOT of people still asking for the games to return to their horror roots, so I certainly wouldn't say horror is no longer important to the fans.
6,775 people (who may or may not have played the games) is hardly a decent representation of the fanbase.
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LOGICWINS  +   1328d ago
"There are a LOT of people still asking for the games to return to their horror roots"

And there are even MORE who like it the way it is now.

When RE4 launched, it had the LEAST horror out of all the main RE games...yet it became the most critically acclaimed RE game of all time(and one of the most critically acclaimed games of the last generation).

RE5, which had even LESS horror than RE4, became the best selling RE of all time.

Pozzle, next time, you make an argument, try using factual evidence instead of your opinions.

EDIT: Where did I say anything about you making anything up?????

"All I said was that there were a lot of fans who'd disagree with the survey."

I agree..I didn't disagree with you on that point. But I stated that there are a LOT more fans who AGREE with this survey.
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Pozzle  +   1328d ago
Actually, RE4 is the best selling RE game in the series (since it's release on PSN/XBLA) and is the best-selling survival horror title of all time. It has sold 7.03 million units since release, while RE5 has sold 5.6 million. So maybe YOU should try using factual evidence before insulting others.

In fact, every Resident Evil game in the main series has sold really well; over 3 million copies worldwide for each game. Do you know how much RE2 sold? 4.96 million (and that isn't including the 810,000 copies of the DualShock version that were sold in 1999). Yes, a game released back in 1998 sold MORE than RE5 which was released in 2009. Funny how Capcom fail to mention that when they mention the best-selling RE games. I guess they count the DualShock version as a different game or something.

So it's not like the RE games were obscure or little-known before RE4 was released. The early RE games were some of the most popular and critically acclaimed games of the 90s, and were not only credited as being the best survival games out there, but THE games that started the genre.

Games in the main RE series sell well regardless of their genre, because the fanbase is growing with each game that is released. People don't buy RE games for their co-op or their action. They buy RE games because the series has a ridiculous amount of hype, brilliant marketing and a brand name that has been well-known for almost two decades. RE5 would have sold well regardless of whether it was an action-based game or not.
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LOGICWINS  +   1328d ago
"Actually, RE4 is the best selling RE game in the series (since it's release on PSN/XBLA). It has sold 7.03 million units since release, while RE5 has sold 5.6 million. So maybe YOU should try using factual evidence before insulting others"

U were ACTUALLY insulted by my comment? Ummm...lol. Anyways, wheres ur link for that info?

"People don't buy RE games for their co-op or their actuion. They buy RE games because the series has a ridiculous amount of hype, brilliant marketing and a brand name that has been well-known fo"r almost two decades."

Funny, I thought people boughtt games to play them
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dredgewalker  +   1328d ago
RE6 without the survival horror theme isn't really RE as much as the new DMC isn't the original DMC. Capcom has been really out of touch with their fans lately as much as the newer generation are out of touch with the spirit of the franchises. At least RE4 still had an element of survival horror.
Pozzle  +   1328d ago
"Anyways, wheres ur link for that info?"


RE4 has sold 7.03million: http://www.gameinformer.com...

RE5 has sold 5.8million: http://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/...
(it turns out RE5 has sold a bit more than RE2 after all. My point still stands though; RE2 sold almost as well as RE5.)

RE2 has sold around 5.77 million: http://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/... and including the DualShock sales: http://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/...

And while I'm at it, the original Resident Evil has sold 5.08million copies (including DualShock version sales) and the remake sold 1.35 million copies: http://capcom.co.jp/ir/engl...

Have I made my point? All I'm saying was that the games didn't suddenly gain a boost in popularity once they became more action oriented. Yes, RE4 and RE5 took the series out of the slump that occurred during the early PS2/Dreamcast era. But the series' sales aren't too different now than what they were over ten years ago. Even the original RE1 and RE2 hit over 5 million sales each.

- - -

"Funny, I thought people boughtt games to play them"

Now you're just being pedantic. There's a reason well-known series like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy sell better than new IPs from new developers. It isn't just because the games are good. It's because of brand recognition and because big companies can afford big ad campaigns that attract more buyers.
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Nerdmaster  +   1328d ago
Maybe you should read your own sources. "Outselling Resident Evil 5 by a mere 40.000 copies in terms of total sales across all formats".

So it's more like "7.03 millions vs. 7", not "7.03 vs 5.8" as you say.

You may say "well, but my second source is Capcom itself and it says that they only sold 5.8 millions copies of RE5". Well, if you check that and see every version of RE4, it sums "only" 5.7 millions. That 100k less than RE5. What do you say about that?

The truth is, the Resident Evil series is only a shadow of its former self (much like Kenneth from RE1), but it's selling more than ever (specially if you compare to the games after RE2, like RE3, Code Veronica, Remake, 0...), so why would Capcom choose to go back to what it was before?
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1328d ago
He more than likely will not reply to you because everything you have stated is true and fact. He will not swallow his pride and acknowledge it.

What you said is very true and somewhat sad actually:

"There's a reason well-known series like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy sell better than new IPs from new developers. It isn't just because the games are good. It's because of brand recognition and because big companies can afford big ad campaigns that attract more buyers."

Going even further with the FF example, FF13 I believe was the fast selling FF, but that has more to do with the fact that is was first FF game this gen more than the possible fact that it's a good game. Same could be said for Battlefield 3. Just because BF3 is the best selling BF doesn't mean that it's the best BF. We all know that BF3 sold well mostly on hype and good marketing. So saying that RE4/5 is best selling doesn't hold any weight.

We all know that sales =/= quality.

"so why would Capcom choose to go back to what it was before?"

To please it's fans? Do you seriously think RE's sales would tank if they made a couple changes to please hardcore RE fans?
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Nozzle  +   1328d ago
What a crap survey

We all know what the majority of RE fans want

Survival Horror elements, solo based you against the world gameplay and a tense atmosphere

Shame Capcom havent done any of these things for RE6, the COD crowd always gets the attention because thats where the money is. I mean one of the complaints was that we had co-op in RE5 which ruined the gameplay and yet the expanded on it in the sequel...I mean WTF, Capcom just don't listen.
JsonHenry  +   1328d ago
Guess my hopes on a survival horror now rest on the Silent Hill and indie dev games now. :(
RandomDude655  +   1328d ago
Buy amnesia and Siren...thank me later
JsonHenry  +   1328d ago
Already played all the Penumbra/Amnesia games. Haven't played Siren yet. I'll give Siren a try.
NeoTribe  +   1327d ago
I thought siren was horrible.
RandomDude655  +   1328d ago
Oh ok...Siren is pretty much like the old school Silent Hills
Red_eyes_Gremlin  +   1328d ago
Yes we FANS care a lot about gameplay regarding The latest RE
Games, because (reasons i dont know why)they have went so far away from the "GAMEPLAY" that made the old RE games so scary.

So in SOME WAY: There is not so strange that the FANS or majority of "re" gamers care about the GAMEPLAY

Just so you ppl understand here under is a now and then
about the RE games. ( I am a HUGE fan of RE, but the latest editions of the games is just a joke and a spit in the face to the old RE games, so here we go.

1. Old RE games had the static camera angel, that made you really scare yourself up when entering a corridor in that old mansion (do i have to tell you the doogs out thrue windows?). That tention that camera angel gave was the: I dont know what is behind me ( silent hill 2) but i know one thing: And that is that i GO BACKWARDS thrue the corridor.

Second later: a crawling zombie from (outside camera angel) Grabs your leg and try to eat you.

1.(now) What is this? Ghost recon, mixed with Gears of W?
Where is the "scare" if you can get "behind" cover every where?, Or, Face punch a zombie in the face at close range?
Where did the , conserve your ammo, tight corridors and spokey houses... and that brings us to...


2.(Then) Oh how i can still remember the slow moving sound and the "uuuuhhh" from a zombie when you are in a corridor or a room with thta fixed camera angel. Dont know where it comes from and makes you panic so hard so you many times just stood in the corner of the room and aiming toward the door...Just to have the moaning sound of the slow zombie dissapearing somewhere in the house...

And you know... that he is SOMEWHERE in that house, now its just up to you to eaither hide from him or attack him...

Just watch out for that "licker" that you saw running outside the windows.


What is this? Crazy, Cocained zombies with a rage problem?
I can understand that in "REAL LIFE" raging and "running" zombies would be scary like hell!!. But this is a GAME, where we want to be scared from the things unknown.

I mean - if they want to make a RE game that is scary with RUNNING zombies - then do Alan wake style of game and THEN put zombies in.

" Like the part on the dam in alan wake."

Think that part with zombies coming running towards you in the mist, and you have to use the weapon you have to defend yourself.

But even that wouldent work, couse running zombies is not scary, you just back up, load that shottgunn and blast away.

So yea... we FANS care more about teamwork.
Couse this latest RE games is just a joke towards the old classic games, that was accutally scary.
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Codeez88  +   1328d ago
That was difficult to read, but I agree with you for the most part. The newest iterations of the Resident Evil series haven't come close to the quality of the originals.Man, I may like Resident Evil Zer0 more than Resident Evil 5.
ritsuka666  +   1328d ago
GEEZZ..When I look at COD video, I see people bitching how it's the same thing every year. When I look at Resident video,I see people bitching how it's dead because it's changing.what the hell do gamers want in their favorite franchise?
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Codeez88  +   1328d ago
With respect my gamer brethren, Resident Evil abandoned it's core followers. How would the die hard Call of Duty supporters react if the franchise went from an FPS, to an SRPG? I know it's a bit extreme, but the elements that the Call of Duty supporters loved would most likely be completely abonded. This is why so many people are so FRUSTRATED with Capcom and the unnecessary changes they have made to a tried and true franchise.
Plagasx  +   1328d ago
Yes, as long as the gameplay IS FUCKING SCARY.
JoeSchmoh  +   1328d ago
In Resident Evil 1-3 the gameplay was slow because the shit just came out on playstation 1 so you were limited to alot of stuff when it comes to gameplay. When Code Veronica came out on Dreamcast the gameplay sped up because you had a newer system with more RAM to play with when developing the game. People don't even know, Resident Evil 4 when made laid the basics and done away with a lot of puzzle aspects of it because people were getting turned off of Resident Evil by it. Capcom when through hell to get Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 because it was signed and sealed that RE4 was GAMECUBE exclusive. Thats why I don't see why @$$holes were bitching about RE5...could you imagine if RE5 only came out for PS3... People would be send death threats to capcom talking about PUT THAT SHIT ON XBOX NOW!
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