Starbreeze admits that it wanted more time with Syndicate, still proud of the end result

DSOGaming writes: "If there is one thing we hate in the gaming industry, that's definitely when publishers are pushing developers hard to hit their deadlines. Publishers should give developers the freedom to create whatever they have in mind, otherwise the end result could turn out to be mediocre, unpolished and horribly rushed. And it seems that the new Syndicate could suffer from a rushed development as the game’s lead co-op programmer, Lars Magnus Lang, admitted that the company could actually done more if they were given an extra six months."

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NYC_Gamer1952d ago

They should have made another Riddick game instead

MGRogue20171952d ago

... More time to add competitive online multi-player..? Perhaps.

Son_Lee1952d ago

Pretty much an omen at this point.

strange19861952d ago

Dang. That's not a great sign. Oh well, we'll find out this Tuesday.

finbars751952d ago

Honestly I dont think they needed to add a MP to it.If the coop is good then thats all that matters.The game looks great and im sure the story will be awsome.A very unique unlocking system has me enterested.Cant wait for tuesday

wicko1952d ago

MP would have been a waste of time - I think people are more likely to play coop unless it's battlefield or modern warfare, or you have a huge budget behind your project.

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