Gizmodo's Year-End Report Card for Sony: B+

Although Sony makes everything from music players to phones to robots to computers to movies, the biggest news of 2007 was made in its gaming and TV lines. Sure, we liked Sony Ericsson W- and K-series' flashy designs and were proud that Vaio PCs joined the increasingly crowded CableCARD home-theater PC market, but nothing topped the PlayStation 3, PSP and Bravia TVs for news coverage or everyday impact. So how did Sony do? Pretty darn well, proving that its learned its lessons from the rootkit massacre of 2005/2006, and that bit of news about exploding batteries.

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gamesblow3777d ago

to me Sony rectified their problems when R&CFTOD and Uncharted came out nearly 3 weeks apart. Sony's on trac... They'll have sold nearly 9 million units by years end and that's impressive for all their "so called" Short falls.

Skerj3777d ago

Yeah both killer games that had me not play anything else until I finished them. I can't wait for the stuff we've been waiting for next year.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3777d ago

To many movies and not enough games or games that look and play better on another system. 08 will be a little better I think but I still think 360 and Wii will come out on top, but then again I'm biased and a 360 fan.

doublertist3777d ago

so youve given me a reason why PS3 gets a c- in your book however the title does say SONY not just PS3 and everywhere else sony is excelling over everyone else so i think that an A brought to a b- just because of the gaming is reasonable enough by gizmondo but a c- for the entire company is a bit obsurd sir...

bigshynepo3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Aside from the Playstation division, all of Sony's other divisions did awesome.
Gizmodo didn't mention how the PS2 is still outselling XBOX 360 worldwide and that the PS2 is still the most played video game console in North American.

bigshynepo3777d ago

here come the haterz...

truth is, Sony compared to any other multi-national organization is no different. They make quality products that may not appeal to everyone's pocketbook but I think anyone would be a fool to say sony isn't doing good.

Gizmodo missed the fact that Sony's biggest movie franchise concluded this year grossing record breaking amounts. I have always thought Gizmodo was bias AGAINST sony and, mark my words, they will NEVER give Sony a "A" year-end review.

Skerj3777d ago

Yeah if it were just the PS3, I'd agree with the B+ (I'm a harsh judge though). But since there are two well selling systems under the Sony umbrella, they deserve at least an A, if not an A+. PS3's just learning to walk at the end of its first market year. The PSP got a redesign, some pretty awesome games, and started selling more than I would have thought and I've been a staunch PSP supporter since the beginning. Even the now elderly PS2 still holds steadfast in the midst of newer systems, often outselling its predecessor. Not to forgot how much I love Persona 3.

'07 was pretty decent, but '08 looks like it's going to be the killer year for everyone.

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