DEAL ALERT: What UK PlayStation Vita Offers Are Out There?

Gamebrit writes: "Despite the PlayStation Vita’s recommended retail price of £229.99 for the WiFi model and £299.99 for the 3G & WiFi model, retailers are already slashing the price ahead of its 22nd of February release date.

We scoured the internet to find the best deals and bundles on offer to save you a few extra pounds on launch day."


This should state an RRP of £279.99 for the 3G & WiFi model. Apologies for the typo.

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Kurisu2009d ago

I'm saving nothing D: Pre-ordered in-store with GAME before the bundles came out.

mac_sparrow2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Cancel your pre-order, the non refundable part of it because of their financial difficulties means they'll be after your custom anyway. Also, the manager will not care having an extra for free sale. I have made game give a full refund on a failed ps3 after 3 years of use. Worst come to worst tell them to put it to a case, they're likely to do an exchange, my managers always used to when I worked at GAME.

I'm getting mine from amazon with an 8GB and Lumines, uncharted from shopto.

Kurisu2008d ago

I'm not really sure what you were trying to say here, lol. I'm not cancelling because I have money loaded up on a gift car ready, and you can't get that money refunded.

mac_sparrow2008d ago

Ah, you didn't mention the gift card. That changes things. If it's for a large amount then you're obviously better off sticking with GAME.

Hope you still manage to get a good bundle on release day. The staff aren't supposed to mention it, but check bundle item trade in prices, you could end up paying on a gift card, then immediately getting some back from trade ins. Unfortunately not many stores will let you knock the trade in off the initial sale as you technically don't own the item yet, but depending on how good your store staff are it's worth asking as we used to do it all the time; so often in fact we got a warning from Sony and Microsoft!

Friendly_fiend2009d ago

£299 for 3g and wifi. i'm pretty sure its £280

resistance1002009d ago

I'm paying £259 for my 3G model with Shopto

Waddy1012008d ago

I'm paying £275 for a 3G Model, 8gb Memory card and Rayman Origins.

resistance1002008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )


Thats a great deal.

I've currently got Rayman & Lumines on pre-order at £5.96 each and amazon haven't canceled them yet so should honour them :)

dannylilley2008d ago

I've now updated the post to reflect this. Apologies for the typo.

Luc202008d ago

Play - £212 with 8gb card and starter pack (headphones and £5 off PSN game)
Amazon £209 with 8gb card
Gamestop 269 with 16gb card and uncharted
HMV 230 with Uncharted
There are many, many more deals.

dannylilley2008d ago

The and Amazon deals are on the post but thanks for bringing the other ones up. Our list is by no means comprehensive so any other options are appreciated.

mac_sparrow2008d ago

I'm not sure what to do now, ordered my Uncharted 3 collectors from Gamestop, didn't like the fact that they take payment immediately. The deal looks good, but I'm wondering how much more aggressive activity will happen over the next 2 days.

Luc202008d ago

Well not much can happen because all these online retailers need to post items on Monday. I guess after a week or two the deals will be gone. I think amazon deal is one of the best but I went for the one with 16gb card. Used to have 32gb on my psp and that was just enough for games,films and music.

mac_sparrow2008d ago

Yeah, I'm tempted by the 16GB card. The only thing is I may end up using remote play to my ps3 more than when I used my ps3 for movies as I have a 1TB drive connected to it.

As a side note, this feels like what N4G should be: people coming together from a shared hobby and discussing and providing information, feedback and advice. I think a whole thread bubble is in order.

Hx3KinG2008d ago

just to clarify, its not £5 off any psn game ,just one of four: escape plan, super stardust, hustle kings and top darts.

dannylilley2008d ago

This has been noted in the full article saying it's a discount for a number of downloadable titles :)

PirateThom2008d ago

I got the deal from Amazon.

(Wi-fi, 8 Memory Card and Rayman Origins - £227.84)

Tried to get my refund back from GAME, was told they aren't doing refunds until Wednesday. Obviously need the pre-order numbers to get stock and/or have no cash in the tills... either way, that's me done with GAME. I wasn't going to start a fight over it, but refusing to give me my money back? Ha.

mac_sparrow2008d ago

I didn't even shop with GAME often when I worked for them. I left once they started all this KPI pushing over both money in the till and customer service, I also predicted their current troubles as a result.

As long as there's any other option that's reasonably priced I won't even contemplate buying there, even though some of my best friends still work there.

The experience in GAME is inconsistent, the manager in my local store would have definitely sorted you out, even if he asked you to pretend to have returned something else worth the deposit.

Kurisu2008d ago

At the moment I have £17 in GAME reward card points (even using them on the Vita would still mean I'd be paying more tha other places :/). Once I've purchased the Vita those point will boost up a bit. I will use ALL the reward points towards SSX next month to go down to zero balance, and then I am DONE with GAME. I won't be shopping with them again.

ANIALATOR1362008d ago

£196.98 from ASDA instore for the Wifi version. That's the best deal for me

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